Where To Find Hallie In Wasteland 3

Where To Find Hallie In Wasteland 3
The Slaver’s Bounty quest asks you to locate a lost slave. This guide on Where To Find Hallie In Wasteland 3 will tell you exactly where to find Hallie as well as information on the choices and consequences of your actions taken throughout this quest. Access to additional vaults within the Ranger HQ are the reward, making siding with the slavers an enticing offer.

This quest appears at the Ranger HQ after you have upgraded the basics with the mechanics, jailer, etc. There’s a small group of people that appear near the entrance, heavily armed, wearing thick clothing. They tell you that they are slavers and are looking for a missing slave named Hallie. They task you with finding her and bringing her back to them in exchange for valuable rewards.

Wasteland 3 Slaver’s Bounty Guide

Where To Find Hallie
You can find Hallie in Downtown Colorado Springs. She’s right near the main entrance, standing with some refugees near a fire. It’s right opposite the gallows where the Dorsey’s were executed when you first arrived in Colorado Springs. You can speak with Hallie and there are a couple of choices here. You can either choose to let her go or lie to her so that you can lure her back to your base and hand her over to the slavers.

If You Choose To Let Her Flee
If you let her escape you get +10 Wasteland Refugee experience points. When you return to base, the Slaver’s say they will track her down.

If You Turn Her In To The Slavers
You lie to her and bring her back to Ranger HQ. When you return you lose 10 Reputation with the Wasteland Refugees and you get a code that opens the vault down the stairs from the Medical Bay in the HQ. Once you access both vaults you get a lot of weapons and armor. Tank Armor, Power Armor, plenty of goodies.

We’ll update this guide with any further consequences as we progress.

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