Where To Find Hyenas Keys In The Division 2

Hyena Keys in The Division 2 can unlock certain doors during missions that involve the Hyenas. Opening these doors will net you more loot and more resources. Check out this guide to find out where to find Hyenas Keys in The Division 2.

Where To Find Hyenas Keys In The Division 2

To find the Hyenas Keys you will need to enter the sewers in the game. Personally, I think the sewers are not nearly as bad as they were in the first game at least. There are sewer entrances in each zone and each one has different keys you can collect. when you are down in the sewers, look for little boxes on the wall near doors that have keys in them. They look somewhat like this just closed.

Hyenas Key The Division 2

Depending on which sewer you enter, you can get a Hyena Key or another gang key. I found the Hyenas Key in the Federal Triangle Sewer located here on the map.

Hyena Sewer The Division 2

You will have to fight with some bad guys down there, so be ready for a fight. There is also some other supplies down there, so keep your eyes open for extra loot.

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