Where To Find Named Hyenas In The Division 2

Where To Find Named Hyenas In The Division 2
Some of the projects in The Division 2 will ask you to kill named Hyenas. These are different from veteran or elite Hyenas. Check out this guide to find out where to find named Hyenas in The Division 2.

Where To Find Named Hyenas In The Division 2

There are a few different ways to find named Hyenas in The Division 2.

This is your best bet and the quickest way to find Hyenas without going into story missions. When you are looking at your bounties, click on the target icon and it will zoom in on your target. Read the description and it will say if they are a Hyena or from another faction. Sometimes you get lucky and there are actually two of the enemies you have to kill. The best part about this method is that you can just do you bounties daily and you will get enough to finish the project by weeks end.

Side Missions
Now would be a good time to clean up any side missions in Hyena territory. At the end of most side quests you will get a named enemy to bring down. This takes a lot longer than a bounty, but you also get a bigger reward. If you don’t have any left, then move on to the next option. You can also jump in on someone else side mission for some kills.

Control Points
This one is rare, but one occasion when a leader comes to try and take back a control point they are named. This has to be in Hyena territory or else it’ll be some other gangs leader. This is also something you can help other randoms with by matchmaking to random events.

The District Union Arena in Downtown east is controlled by Black Tusk at first, but after you kick them out the Hyenas return. If you go through this Stronghold and complete it, you will get three guaranteed named Hyenas. It isn’t easy, but you can get some nice gear if you blow through it.

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