Where To Find Ochoko Cups In Nioh 2

Ochoko Cups in Nioh 2 are used to summon allies and AI partners to help you fight. Check out this guide to find out where to find Ochoko Cups in Nioh 2. This will make your time with the game much easier.

Where To Find Ochoko Cups In Nioh 2

Ochoko Cups in Nioh 2 can be found in a variety of ways. First and fore most, the red revenants, AKA the red guys you summon. These are AI controller players that can be summoned and fought. If you beat them, they will drop loot and usually some Ochoko cups as well. It isn’t a 100% drop rate, but you find so many red summon spots you can farm them as much as you want. If you don’t see any, go to a shrine and use it to reset the area.

This will put more red spots down for you to summon, blue spots as well. They can also be found in chests on occasion, but normally you only get one or two. They can be bought later in the game, but you gotta have the cash for them. Lastly, very rarely, they will drop from bandits and enemy Yokai, I’m talking like a 10% chance here. Still if you need them, maybe you get lucky in a bandit camp and come out with five.

  • Find fallen players (Revenant, marked by red sword icons in the world)
  • Hold O and interact with the Revenant to summon an AI version of a player
  • Defeat the Revenant in combat
  • You will sometimes be rewarded with Ochoko Cups
  • Higher level revenants drop more Ochoko Cups
  • You can also buy them from the Kodama store.

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