Where To Find Olaf’s Pieces In Kingdom Hearts 3

During your stay in Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts 3, you will have to find Olaf’s pieces after he breaks apart. Check out this guide to find out where to find Olaf’s pieces in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are a couple of extra pieces here that might trip you up.

Where To Find Olaf’s Pieces In Kingdom Hearts 3

Olaf Piece 1 – From the start you want to look left and you will see a slope that leads up to a ice wall. Run up that ice wall and take a left again, ignore the fake piece in front of you. As you go down the slope after taking the left, stop about halfway down to see a small piece of Olaf right off the slope heading down.

Olaf Piece 1 KH 3

Olaf Piece 2 – Now head down the slope and you will run into one of those large snowballs you might have seen earlier. The piece is in there so we need to break it. Jump on top and ram it into the rock wall in the area to free Olaf’s head.

Olaf Piece 2 KH 3

Olaf Piece 3 – The last piece is his legs and they are running around on the ice. You have to move slowly and sneak up on them or else they will run away. Just gentle push the stick forward as you approach the legs running around.

Olaf Piece 3 KH 3

When you wrap this up you will be able to progress in the game and head up to the Frozen Castle. Check back soon for more Kingdom Hearts 3 guides.

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