Where To Find Out What The Ashina Samurai Want In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro, one of the merchants will want to know what the Ashina Samurai want. He asks you to find out for him so he can sell them lots of goods. Check out this guide to find oout where to find out what the Ashina Samurai want int Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Where To Find Out What The Ashina Samurai Want In Sekiro

You will want to go to the Old Graveyard way point in Ashina Castle. Head back through the gate and towards the Samurai and Spear guy. Lure them out one by one or rush in, either way they need to die. when they are dead take a right onto a bridge and you will see two Samurai looking at the water. Walk towards them stealthily and eavesdrop on them to hear what they need. The Samurai says that they need salt because they are using to much. This is the info you were looking for. You can either head back to Anayama the Peddler or keep exploring now. When you return and give him the info, he will thank you and say he will get new items after he sells his salt. Warp away and come back later and he will sell Scrap Iron and Black Gun Powder.

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