Where To Find Steel In The Division 2

Where To Find Steel In The Division 2
Steel is a resource that you will need to find to craft in The Division 2. It can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Check out this guide to find out where to find steel in The Division 2.

Where To Find Steel In The Division 2

Crates And Boxes
Steel is commonly found in various loot boxes in the world. I have found steel in the yellow toolbox and the brown bag. I have also seen it drop off enemies rarely.

Steel In The Division 2

Control Points
While taking the Control Point will give Polycarbonate, the Supply Rooms you open after taking them have Steel inside almost every time. Loot all the boxes can there and you will find some steel among other crafting materials. Taking the Control Point near the White House will give you some bonus steel as well.

Ubisoft Club
You can buy a crafting pack inside the Ubisoft Club store with you Reward points. There is a decent amount of steel in there, so it is worth the purchase if you have the reward points.

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