Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4

Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4
The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 is filled with unexpected dangers at every turn but you can be prepared with some of the best guns in the game as we show you where to find the best weapons in Fallout 4.

There’s a huge variety of different weapons you can discover to bolster your arsenal but we’re highlighting the strongest and most impressive weapons we’ve found as we’ve journeyed through the wastelands of Fallout 4.

Where To Find The Best Guns In Fallout 4

Justice - Shotgun
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - JusticeThis is arguably one of the most powerful shotguns you can find during your travels through the mid-teen levels in Fallout 4. You can pick it up for around 1,400 Caps from the store in Covenant.
General Chaos Revenge - Sword
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - General Chao's Revenge SwordOne of the coolest looking swords in the entire Fallout 4 experience. This is another one you can grab from an NPC at Drumlin’s Diner South East of the Museum of Freedom. Be careful, when you arrive there’s a confrontation, make sure the woman survives if you want to buy the sword.
Fat Man - Nuke Launcher
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Fat ManThe legendary Fat Man returns in Fallout 4 and it’s as kickass as ever. There’s a few places you’ll find this scattered around the world but the earliest you can get it is from the Robotics Disposal Ground North East of Sanctuary.
Junk Jet - Junk Launcher
Where To Get The Best Fallout 4 Weapons - Junk JetAlright, so the Junk Jet doesn’t quite boast the level of exotic interest conjured by other weapons in Fallout 4 but the fact its ammo is limited by only the supply of your junk makes it one of the more unique weapons in the game.
Righteous Authority - Laser Rifle
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Righteous AuthorityGiven to you after you complete The Brotherhood of Steel quest line by Paladin Danse, the Righteous Authority rifle may drop off a little towards the end but those powerful perks give it a secure place in any Fallout 4 players arsenal.
Alien Blaster Pistol
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - The Alien Blaster PistolWhat better weapon to clear our the post-apocalyptic wastelands than one of otherworldly origins? The Alien Blaster Pistol is as deadly as it is mysterious. Check out our Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Location Guide for details on how to add this to your arsenal.
The Cryolater
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - The CryolatorThat simple question that ever new Fallout player asks, what’s that gun inside the glass case in Vault 111? Well, now you have your answer. The Cryolator is one of the coolest guns in the game and is worthy of the Master Lockpicking skills you need to obtain it. See what I did there? Cool, gun, ice? Don’t worry, I’m here all night!
Kremvhs Tooth
Fallout 4 Kremvh's tooth
You can find Kremvh’s tooth at the bottom of the Dunwich Borers Mine. You will run into about 5 ghouls who come out of a hole in the ground and charge you, they are all named. The hole is filled with water and there is a little cave inside. Go down and take the cave to find this and a couple of mini nukes.
Old Faithful
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Old FaithfulThis pistol packs a mean punch and is the perfect opener to any combat situation. It’ll set you back about 1,500 Caps at the Weapon Merchant in Diamond City but if the simplicity of a quick-draw pistol peeks your fancy, you can’t go far wrong with Old Faithful
Big Boy
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Big BoyConsider the explosive damage of the Fat Man….And now double it. That’s right, the Big Boy is capable of firing two Mini-Nukes in a single blast, a sure-fire way to clear a horde of enemies regardless of their size. This explosive potential won’t come cheap however, it’ll cost you around 8,000 Caps from the Diamond City Weapon’s Merchant.
Furious Power Fist
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Furious Power FistThis deadly brawlers weapon is as powerful as it is unique. The perfect melee weapon for someone wanting to get up close and personal with their prey. There is one downside though, you’ve got to get through the devastatingly powerful Swan to loot this prize. He can be found at Swan’s Lake, North East of Diamond City and slightly North of the Combat Zone. You also come across this area during the Freedom Trail quest.
The Syringer
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - The Syringer RifleArguably the most interesting weapon in the entire Fallout 4 experience. The Syringer allows you to stock it up with different medical syringes to inflict different status ailments on your foes. Check out the location below for where to find The Syringer.
Syringer Location
Grognaks Axe
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 Grognaks Axe
The most intimidating melee weapon in the game, belonging to the legendary Grognak the Barbarian, this deadly axe is as rare as it is powerful. You can find it within Hubris Comics, next to the monkey as you enter in a glass case. It has a lock level of advanced.
Where To Find Grognaks Battle Axe - Hubris Comic
Fallout 4 Cannon
Yup, it’s a literal freaking Cannon. You can get this by completing the quest on the U.S.S. Constitution and siding with the Robots over the raiders. Here is the ship on the map.
Fallout 4 uss constitution
Spray N Pray
Fallout 4 Explosive Tommy Gun
This is a Tommy Gun that shoots explosive bullets. You can buy it from a traveling Vendor that can be found at Bunker Hill.
Curved Ripper
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Curved RipperMelee? Check. Rotating blades? Check. Crazy amounts of damage in a short period while your enemy is dismembered right in front of you? Check. The Curved Ripper isn’t all that rare but it’s one of the most satisfying weapons to use in Fallout 4. Check below for a rough location. I purchased it from a wandering vendor.
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Curved Ripper Location
Curved Ripper
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Le Fusil TerriblesThis powerful shotgun makes short work of any foes extremities and is the perfect tool to separate someone from a much needed limb. You can find it at the map location below just before entering the Captains Quarters.
Where To Find The Best Weapons In Fallout 4 - Le Fusil Terribles Location

We’re building this list as we progress through the game. Have you come across any awesome weapons we haven’t listed? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • 80’s Fitness

    For the Cryolater, all you need to do is go back to Vault 111 with Dogmeat, talk to him while near the case, and tell him to find an item, and Dogmeat will open the case and give it to you.

  • SilentWolf

    Pickman’s Blade, combat knife that does 25 extra bleeding damage with each stab. Find it in Pickman’s gallery.

  • Cameron Lee

    The “Never Ending Assault Rifle” is a awesome gun. It uses 5.56 rounds and its perk is unlimited ammo capacity, meaning you never have to reload. Its great for mass numbers of raiders and ghouls

    Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I got it from a random legendary enemy

  • Kix Clipse

    Explosive shotgun has no equal.

  • Jon Strowd

    the Overseer’s Guardian is sold in vault 81, comes with the additional projectile ability and is highly ready for customization. ^^b

  • Lee Townage – Jarrod

    Am I the only one that has noticed Le Fusil Terribles is called curved ripper on the list thingie?

  • Wildwanderer

    I think I have the best weapon in the game. A Two-Shot Gauss Rifle. With a my perks and magazines, it does over 9000 (it’s really just over 900) damage. With my sneak attack multiple of 6.3, I one-shot almost everything. I got it off of a random Legendary during a settlement defense. My companion uses the “Last Minute” Gauss Rifle you buy from Ronnie Shaw (I call her my Command Sergeant Major) after completing Old Guns.

  • Furious power fist with my sneak attack bonus damage equals mass rape, got it early on too, lvl 10 and murdering everything in site.

  • Kolton S.

    One of my favorite weapons I’m using is Deliverer, with the perk that upgrades the damage of non-automatic pistols, it’ll do around 60 damage. It has a higher hit chance in VATS and it costs less AP. It also uses 10mm ammo, which is one of the cheapest to buy and easiest to find.