Where To Find The Goliath Schematics & Blueprints In Homefront: The Revolution

Where To Find The Goliath Blueprints In Homefront: The Revolution
One of the main missions in Homefront: The Revolution will have you searching for Goliath Blueprints inside the ruins of an apartment. This guide will show you exactly where you need to look in order to find the Goliath Schematics in Homefront: The Revolution so you continue with the main story.

The mission objective marker, the star on the map and on your screen, will lead you to the general location of the Goliath Blueprints. However when you arrive at the objective, it becomes a little more difficult. There’s usually a few enemies inside so clear them out as quickly as possible. There are a lot of patrols in this area and the large ships are often scanning overhead, avoid those if you don’t want to get into a big fight.

Once you’re inside the apartment make sure you search all of the typical items, TV screens, PC parts, sofas etc. When you’ve done this look above and you’ll notice panels on the ceiling. Some of these panels are marked with a white X. Shoot the panels you find with the X mark and eventually one will drop the Goliath Blueprints down to the floor. All you need to do then is photograph them with your phone and the mission is complete.

It may vary from person to person but this is the exact panel you need to shoot to find out where the Goliath Blueprints are located:

Where To Find The Goliath Blueprints In Homefront: The Revolution