Where To Find The Master Sword (Twilight Phantom) Blueprint In Dying Light The Following

Master Sword Location
Dying Light The Following is filled to the brim with awesome and deadly weapons but few more so than the awesome Twilight Phantom or Master Sword blueprint. This Where to find the Master Sword (Twilight Phantom) Blueprint in Dying Light The Following guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to wield one of the most iconic weapons in gaming, or a homage to one at least.

In order to open the chest that contains the Master Sword (Twilight Phantom) blueprint you need to grab a hacking device. This item is collected through the side quest for the two brothers as you help them build their rocket train. Once you’ve completed the quest chain to the point where the train goes through the tunnel, search the nearby table for the hacking device.

After that you need to head to the location marked below and search underwater, it’s exactly where the blue icon is on the image. Open the chest underwater and you’ll find yourself the Twilight Phantom blueprint.

Where Is The Master Sword In Dying Light The Following