Where To Find The Pure White Flower In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

As you progress in Sekiro, you will run into a crying monk who wants a pure white flower. He has no idea where it is and won’t stop crying until you find it. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Pure White Flower in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Where To Find The Pure White Flower In Sekiro

You will need to get to the Shugendo Waypoint in Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo before you can get the flower. Once you are there, start climbing up the mountain via the little wooden walkways. On the way up, kill the short guys with the round hats so they don’t knock you off. Keep going up until you make it to a bridge, do not cross the bridge. Instead, look away from the bridge and you will see a nice little spot with a bunch of pinwheels. If you climb up there you can find the red and white pinwheel. Down and to the left of the pinwheels, you will see some platforms you can go down.

When you get to the bottom platform, look across the gap and you will see another wooden walkway on the side of the cliff. You will have to run and jump in order to make it. When you land, follow the path around and jump off the cliff and grab the ledge below. Keep on that path and climb up when you can. You will eventually run into a wall that you can ninja jump up, do so and at the top you can find the pure white flower.

Return to the Crying Monk and give him either the white or the red and white flower.

If you give him the red and white pinwheel, he will say you are nice and thank you. You can then suggest that he go to Anayama the Merchant or to the Surgeon, provided you have found both of these people.

If you give him the white pinwheel, he will ask you to spirit him away. He wants to be with the children again and Shinobi can spirit people away. You need the spirit sword to do this, which I currently do not have.

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