Where To Find The Rats In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

As you progress in Sekiro, you will run into the Rat Hunting Ninja. He will ask you to help him kill some rats and will give you a description on where to find them. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Rats in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Where To Find The Rat Description In Sekiro

In order to find the NPC who gives this quest, you have to warp to the Ashina Castle Gate. Don’t go through the gate. Instead, turn around and take the stone steps on the other side of the field. Go up and into the building to find a man in a red mask. He will ask you to help him hunt rats. If you accept, he gives you a note with where they can be found.

If you do have it, go through the Ashina gate and head up the path. There is a single rifleman on the path, take him down. From where he is, grapple up to the top of the locked gate. When you are at the top, look around for the trees and the creatures in the large hats. You can eavesdrop on them to hear what they are up too. These are the rats. You only have to take down one to get your reward. Be wary, they are quite powerful and one of them has poison darts.

Take them down and return to the Rat Catcher to get your reward. Check back soon for more Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guides.

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