Where To Find The Secret Passage In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

One of your first tasks in Sekiro is to find the secret passage for your master. He tells you that it is under the bridge but outside of that, you are on your own. Check out this guide to find out where to find the secret passage in Sekiro.

Where To Find The Secret Passage In Sekiro

After you find your master and he hands you your sword, you have to find your way out. Go right outside the tower and take the steps down, killing the guards along the way. Follow the path to the left and there will be two guards by the gate and two more behind it. Lure the first two and bring them down, then take out the next two. Follow the path through the gate and you will run into a named enemy with a large HP bar. You can kill him or skip him, your call. You get a single healing pellet for beating him, he is also good practice for deflections. The large door behind him cannot be opened. Instead go to the right of that large door and you can see the bridge in the distance.

Bridge Sekiro

Follow the path near the wall until you are on a tree at the end. Jump over the gap and grab the ledge, pulling yourself up. When you get to the bridge, jump up again and grab the ledge. You will be right under two enemies who you can eavesdrop on. While hanging on the ledge, keep going to the right until you can pull yourself up. There is some weird creature here, attack and kill it before moving on. Ledge hang on the other side and drop off near the item to get another pellet. Drop down to the torch lit door down below, and you will be at the secret passage.

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