Where To Find The Three Medallions in Resident Evil 2

Your first main mission in Resident Evil 2 will be to find three medallions scattered throughout the RPD. Check out this guide to find out where to find the three medallions in Resident Evil 2. With the medals you will be able to make your way out of the RPD.

Where To Find The Three Medallions in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Medallion 1
You can get the first Medallion as soon as you get the notebook from the dead officer. Check out this notebook and then head here on the map to grab the lion medal.

Medal 1

The code to open this one is the lion face, the wheat grass, and finally the bird. When it opens up, grab the medal and you can actually drop it off at the goddess statue near there.

Resident Evil 2 Medallion 2
This one is a little deep in the RPD and you will have to clear out some zombies in order to get it. You will want to go here on the map.

Medal 2

When you interact with the horse statue you will have to enter symbols again. This time you want to use the two fish, the scorpion, and then the water jug. Grab the medal and head back to the goddess statue.

Resident Evil 2 Medallion 3
The last medal is a bit tricky because it is behind a barricade. You will need to get the detonator in order to clear out the barricade. The Stars Room has the battery for the detonator and the room below the Operations room has the detonator itself. You will need the bolt cutters to get in the room below the operations room.



When you have both pieces you will then need to head up to the third floor on the east side. At the top there is a barricade you need to blow up with the detonator. Be sure to stand back, the explosion is strong and a Licker came out to play after.

Goddess Statue

When you interact with the last statue you will use the woman’s face, the bow, and lastly the snake. Return to the goddess in the main hall and put all the medals in to open a new path.

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