Where To Find Titanite Shards In Dark Souls 3

Where To Find Titanite Shards In Dark Souls 3
Titanite Shards are used to upgrade weapons and equipment early on in Dark Souls 33. When you first arrive there is no vendor that sells them so you will have to go out searching for them. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find Titanite Shards In Dark Souls III!

Where To Find Titanite Shards In Dark Souls 3

Alright first off this isn’t a step by step guide to find all the Titanite Shards in the game. You can buy them eventually so don’t fret over missing one or two early on.

Outside of the ones you will find just by exploring there are some mobs that have a chance to drop it. I’m not sure what the creatures are called, it’s the Undead that explode with that black creature coming out, they drop Titanite Shards. If you go to a near by fire and reset them you can farm a few Titanite Shards and Embers from them. I normally get about 4 Titanite Shards before they stop dropping nothing, if you get nothing from them twice in a row you might want to stop. I’ve only found a few of those but the big Undead females with the sun hats and big spikey sticks have a chance to drop it as well. Again, you can buy them about 4-5 hours into the game so it’s not worth breaking your back over.

How To Unlock Titanite Shards In The Shop In Dark Souls 3

You will need to get the Dream Chaser Ashes in order to unlock Titanite Shards at the store inside Firelink Shrine. We have an Umbral Ashe Guide here if you want to check it out and find it. They go for 800 souls a piece.

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