Where To Find Treasure Carp Scales In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Where To Find Treasure Carp Scales In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
The Treasure Carp Scales are a little side quest you can do in Sekiro. The Carp Scales are worth quite a bit to the right person, you getting them all is a must. Check out this guide to find out where to find Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro Shadows Die twice.

Where To Find Treasure Carp Scales In Sekiro

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 1-2

The first carp scale you will come across is by the Noble in the pot in the Hirata Estate. It will swim in a circle near the Noble and if you get close, it will swim away. You have to do a sneak attack in order to get the scale from the fish. You should swim out to a rock that the carp swims by and climb up on top. While on top, stealth and wait for the fish to get close. When it is within range, jump over the fish and strike with your blade. It will die in one hit so you only need to hit it once.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 1

Now head back to the shore that you came from and jump on the boats that are there. Toss out a fistful of ash and a Carp will come to the surface. Hop in and kill it while it is near the surface.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 3-4

These two are right by each other in the Hirata Estate. Head to the Estate path and then go to the bridge. Kill any enemies and look over the left side of the bridge. Down below you will see a carp swimming near the bridge. It is pretty obvious what you need to do, wait until it is close then jump in and kill it. Now swim towards the shore on the opposite side from the estate. There is a rock on the shore there, go around it to find scale number 3.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 5

Head to the Bamboo Thicket idol at the Hirata Estate for this one. Go forward a bit and look up and to the left to see a grapple point. Launch up there and then head to the water on the other side. Jump in and swim upstream until you can grapple out and you should see the fish around there. Stealth off the branch and into the tall grass. When the fish is in range, jump attack and get the scale.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 6-7-8

You can buy some Carp Scales for 500 each from the Exiled Memorial Mob vendor in Mibu village. This is much deeper in the game, after you have gone through the Ashina Castle. If you follow the creek down stream from the merchant, you will see a ninja near an item. The item is another Treasure Carp Scale.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 9-10

You can find two more Treasure Carp Scales near the Temple Grounds waypoint. Go down the path until you see a pond down below. Grapple to the tree above the water and wait for the fish to group up. when they are grouped, jump down and slice slice slice to get both of them. Reset if you need to try again.

Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 11
You will need the diving skill to get this Carp. When you can dive, go back to the Hirata Estate and dive under the water near the Pot Noble. There is a treasure carp roaming around in that area. Hold down the attack button for a charge attack.
Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 12-13
You will need to dive skill to get these two. Warp to the Riven Cave in the Sunken Valley. Head back down the path and into the water where you had to evade the giant snake. Dive under and there are two treasure carp down here. Hold circle and then slice if they are getting away from you.
Sekrio Treasure Carp Scale 14
You will need to dive skill to get these two. Warp to the Ashina Castle gate and jump down below into the water. In one of the corners you will find an item and that is another Scale.

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