Where To Find Your Pre-Order DLC Items In Nioh 2

If you pre-ordered Nioh 2 or got the special edition, you have some DLC items waiting for you. Check out this guide to find out where to find your Pre-order DLC items in Nioh 2. This will give you a huge boost at the start of the game.

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Nioh 2

In order to find your DLC items, you must first go to a shrine. You can do this in the very first level or out on the menu if you are past the first level. From there, cycle over to the Boons tab and click it. Here you will be flooded with Smiting texts, accessories, armor, and weapons, depending on what version you bought. With the Smithing texts, you can forge stronger versions of the weapons and armor you get from your DLC. IF you go into your equipment, you should have whatever weapons, armor, and accessories where given to you for your pre-order. IF you have some original Nioh data you can make your character look like William as well. Be careful about which armor you equip, the demon armor is very heavy and you might not be able to wear it all and move swiftly through the game. All of it starts off locked in your inventory as well. That means you can’t accidentally sell it or donate it for exp without first unlocking it from your menu. They both have set bonuses as well, so be sure to check them out to know which one you will prefer to use.

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