Where To Find Your Sword In Zelda Link’s Awakening

Where To Find Your Sword In Link's Awakening
When you first start Link’s Awakening, you won’t have your sword or shield. Your first main quest in the game is to go find your sword. Check out this guide to find out where to find your sword in Zelda Link’s Awakening.

Where To Find Your Sword In Link’s Awakening

When you first wake up and speak to Marin, she will mention that you washed up on the south shore. Before leaving, speak with the man in the house to get your shield because you will need it. From there head left out of the village and go south until you run into the beach. The enemies in the area can shoot nuts at you, so have that shield ready to block anything coming your way. Once you see the beach, head to the sand and then go right until you run into some spike enemies. This is why you need your shield, push them away with your shield and you can progress to your sword and be greeted by an old friend. Now that you have your sword the real adventure can begin.

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