Where To Get The Red Eye Orb In Dark Souls 3

Where To Get The Red Eye Orb In Dark Souls 3
In Order to PVP in Dark Souls 3 you will need the Red Eye Orb or some Cracked Red Eye Orbs. You will not be able to find the Red Eye Orb in the world without doing something special. Check out this guide to find out how to Where To Get The Red Eye Orb In Dark Souls III!

How To PvP In Dark Souls 3

You cannot get the Red Eye Orb until you beat Vordt Of The Boreal Valley boss. When you do this return to Firelink Shrine. If you go up the stairs to the top Cinder Lord Chair you will find a guy leaning against it. Talk to him and he will give you 5 cracked Red Eye Orbs to use. You will need to go to an area you can invade in and then use a Cracked Red Eye orb. I read online that if you kill a player you can get the Orb earlier but I can’t confirm this. If not you will have to wait until later in the game. The guy reappeared after I killed The Abyss Watchers and this time game me a key.

Where To Use The Lift Key Dark Souls 3

Go to the Tower On The Wall Bonfire in Lothric to get close. Go down to the bottom of the tower and you should see a locked metal door, open it with the key. Down the lift you will find a room with the Undead Knight waiting. Kill him to get your Red Eye Orb.

With this you can go pick on some noobs who just go the game or go find yourself a worthy opponent. I’m not sure how the PVP levels work in this one so you might be paired up with guys way higher level than you, not sure at the moment.

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