Where To Trade Secret Seashells In Zelda Link’s Awakening

Early on in Link’s Awakening you will find some Secret Seashells. The game doesn’t tell you where to turn these shells in at though, so you might be a little lost. Check out this guide to find out where to trade Secret Seashells in Zelda Link’s Awakening.

Where To Trade Secret Seashells In Zelda Link’s Awakening

I don’t think you can trade them before you beat the second dungeon. The Seashell Mansion you are looking for is found here on the map.

Links Awakening Seashell Mansion

When you enter the mansion, walk onto the platform and your Seashells will start to fill up a meter. The more Seashells you have, the higher the bar will fill up. From what I can tell there is a total of 25, maybe 30 of these Seashells found on the island. As you fill it up, you will be rewarded at various points.

5 Secret Seashells – Piece of Heart

15 Secret Shells – Secret Shell Detector

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