Where To Use The Tower Key In Dark Souls 3

Where To Use The Tower Key In Dark Souls 3
One of the first keys you can buy in Dark Souls 3 is the Tower Key. The Tower Key costs 20000 souls so you will have to invest quite a bit to get it. Check out this guide to find out Where To Use The Tower Key In Dark Souls III!

Where To Use The Tower Key In Dark Souls 3

Once you buy the Tower Key you can access the Tower at the Firelink Shrine. Go up to the top floor and out the door way on the right side of the building. Follow the path up to the Tower and use the Tower Key there. Go up to the top and follow the bridge across to the other building and take the lift there. At the top of the building you will find the Fire Keeper Souls which we will get into later. For now drop down and head back to the bridge.

On the bridge you want to drop down onto the roof of the Firelink Shrine. Up here you can find a few items and knock down the ladder so you can climb up again when you need to. The Crow that you can trade items with is also here. You can get an Estus Shard up here as well so don’t leave without that. It it up on the beams above the inside part of the Firelink Shrine.

If you are feeling lucky you can go back to the room across the bridge and try to drop down below. You have to jump onto a coffin and then fall onto coffins below to work your way down. There are a couple of items for those who risk it.

Where To Use The Fire Keeper Soul In Dark Souls 3

You use the Fire Keeper Soul at the Fire Keeper in the Firelink Shrine. She will get stronger and be able to take away your Dark Sigils for souls.

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