Who To Quarantine In Metal Gear Solid 5

Who To Quarantine In Metal Gear Solid 5
During your missions in Africa, your team will come down with a random sickness. To prevent the disease from spreading you will have to quarantine some of your men to keep the others safe. This guide will help tell you Who To Quarantine In Metal Gear Solid 5.

Who To Quarantine In Metal Gear Solid 5

At first I could only see one common theme among the sick soldiers and that was them being male. I didn’t want to put all my men in Quarantine so I did a mission and when I came back I had a bigger pool to check out. It become very clear the all the culprits spoke the same language, Kikongo. You will need to go through your whole list and put all of them into Quarantine to prevent it from spreading to people who don’t speak the language.

Quick Edit – Not 100% sure it will always be the same language but the language is the common denominator here. Look through your infected list and see which language is used by all the sick people. Also, be careful when new recruits join, they could have the infected language without you knowing.

The disease only has an affect on males but the females can still spread it so put them in Quarantine as well. Even though they are away from everyone else, the guys in Quarantine can still die until you find a cure. You should avoid doing Side Ops and exploring until you figure out how to stop it. Focus on doing all story missions until you get it sorted out. I ended up with 260+ soldiers in Quarantine by the end of this and lost about 70 of my best men.

Ride like the wind if you want to save as many as you can!

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  • Nerezza

    My god, I’ve been building up my mother base in TPP before I really focused on the story missions and now THIS happened. I’ve got a thousand people to go through one by one picking out the few hundred that picked up a bit of Kikongo. This is NOT the type of gameplay I wanted from MGSV 😐

    • JJ13

      Same here.

      My first 8 had 2 things in common. They all spoke Afrikaans, Kikongo, and Pashto, and they were all from R&D.

      Got the Kikongo link when more were added to quarantine. Had to check so I didn’t waste my time going through everyone though.

      I’m up to 955 people.

      I have nothin else to do at 4 in the morning but this shit is ridiculous.

      364 in quarantine. Including my first S dude who I literally just got, and a couple I can’t quarantine yet because they are in the brig. Only 12 dead so far.

      I hate Kojima.

      • Jeremy

        It would be understandable if there was a way you can filter languages, but sadly there isn’t.

        • DJT

          I guess they figured that might make working out the disease vector too easy. Just manually quarantined 389 staff who speak Kikongo and I’m sure I’ve missed some, but as you say there’s no way of filtering the staff roster so I’d have to work through the full list of >1000. At least 15 others in the brig who speak it too who I’ll have to go back for… again, by picking them out manually from the ‘all staff’ list once they’ve been discharged. Ridiculous.

    • Arcendus

      If you don’t see this as a little joke from Kojima, you must be new to MGS. Lighten up.

  • The Leader of GamerGate

    It’s Kikongo. Anyone who speaks it is infected. The only way to mitigate casualties is to rush through the three story missions when the infection is first revealed, as you’ll start losing soldiers after the first hour. Throw every single one of your Kikongo speaking soldiers into Quarantine ASAP, and try to avoid Fultoning/receiving recruits (Except from Afghanistan, since nobody there speaks it) since they could reintroduce the virus.

    By rushing the next three missions, you’ll hopefully avoid the worst. Or, you can just Fulton everyone in Afghanistan long enough to replace all Kikongo-speaking soldiers with Ukranians and Russians.

  • kinvaras147 .

    Damn you Skullface! DAMN YOU!!!!

  • Rob Vasseur

    If you start at the top of your staff exit out, start at the bottom you prove to ocelot that you know what it is and it fills the rest on quarantine for you. At first he asks doors or have to do with their abilities?

  • Domo24

    When I was going through the list of people who speak Kikongo I notice that the interpreter of the Kikongo language was the only one highlighted I’m pretty sure he is the cause of the sickness.

    • Sina Hassani

      It’s highlighted because he can interpret the language.