How To Win At Dice In Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Win At Dice In Kingdom Come Deliverance
Want to be a champion of the Farkle table? Check out our handy guide on How To Win At Dice In Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can fill your coin purse, complete a variety of quests and make a name for yourself as a gambler to be reckoned with.

Farkle is a gambling game using die that you can engage in at various taverns throughout the lands and sometimes during side quests and activities. It’s not a bad way of making quick money in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so it’s worth getting good at.

The goal of the game is to reach a certain number of points before your opponent. This is the points amount in the upper left and lower right corners under “Total”. Points are gained for 1s and 5s. Other ways of scoring points include three of a kind and four or more of a kind.

At the start of your turn you will throw your die. As long as you get at least a single 1 or single 5, you will get to play with your dice. This is the most important stage. Choosing to score and play on or score and pass. Typically, I suggest going for 1s and 5s over three or four of a kind – unless of course you get three or four in a single throw. It’s best to aim for 1s and 5s as they are more common when you are using rigged die.

That’s the real secret here. When you complete Ancient Maps or normal Treasure Maps, you are often rewarded with special die. You can select to use these die before the game to drastically increase your chances of winning.

You never want to go bust. That is when you throw and neither a 1 or 5 rolls, because this will lose all of your points gathered for that round. I would suggest working with sets of 3. So if you have 3 die put to the side to score for the turn, pass your turn. The less dice you throw, the lesser your chances of getting what you need.

It’s a basic game but these tidbits of information alongside some loaded die will get you well on your way to winning.

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