Windbound Bestow Blessing Guide

Windbound Bestow Blessing Guide
One of Windbound’s rogue-like features are Blessings. This Windbound Bestow Blessing Guide explains what selecting Bestow Blessing does as you may be a little unsure whether you are wasting your buff for another mechanic hidden within the game.

If you’re a player with any amount of common sense, you will likely completely understand what the Bestow Blessing does. However, I did not at first and it took me so long to get through the first couple of chapters, I was concerned I was throwing away buffs and bonuses for something I didn’t understand. So, if you’re anything like me and aren’t quite sure, fear not.

Windbound Bestow Blessing Guide

Bestow Blessing Guide
When you complete each chapter there’s a short water sequence. The first is rather lovely, minimal risk and some great waves to set the tone – all supported by a lovely soundtrack. However, the latter stages do add some difficulty with sharks and reefs that can essentially completely destroy your ship. So be careful when going through these parts.

At the end of the short sail you’re given a choice of two blessings that you can unlock. After purchasing your selected blessing, the other becomes unavailable to choose so you must move on. Just above the blessing area is a stone pedestal that you can interact with. This is where you can Bestow a Blessing.

I really wasn’t sure what I was doing here so I didn’t choose a blessing and I progressed normally. To nobodies surprise, it means you don’t get the blessing on the next run. So, when you are on the Bestow a Blessing platform, the blessing you select is the blessing that is active for the next chapter.

It was probably just me but thought I’d put this up in case anyway else had the same derp moment.

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