Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

 Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide
Lost and struggling on where to go in Windbound? This Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide will explain the basics of the game and how you are meant to progress through the first Chapter as although there are no objective markers or hints, there’s a clear route to follow.

It’s important to note that Windbound has a randomly generated map each time you play. As such, your islands and the items on those islands will always be at least a slightly bit different. Therefore it’s impossible to tell you exactly where to go, but the basic outline of the objectives in Chapter 1 is always the same.

Step One

Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide
Your first island is always two tiny islands split by a small body of water. When you first arrive there are two stone-like constructions that you need to interact with. The first one is story related and will never need to be used again. The other is one of the three keys you need to finish Chapter 1. Once you have found your first key you will need to look for other islands.

Step Two

Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide
The second island is always visible from the starting island, as are the other islands usually. There is often a couple of islands that do not have the stone structures. They are good for resources and food but are not required for the objectives. Once you’ve found your second island, climb the stone structure and interact to get your 2nd key.

Step Three

Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide
The third island can be difficult to locate but it’s worth noting that it will always be visible from another island – or something will to encourage you to explore in that direction. You do not need to just sail blindly into the blue, you should see something that takes you in the right direction.

Step Four

Windbound Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide
The final objective is the single, largest stone structure in the entire region. You have to follow the stone path up to the top and activate the blue stones on the way to access the next path up. As long as you have three keys, you can open all three paths and reach the end of this section.

That should be enough to get you through the first chapter and explain the basic objectives of the game.

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