Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone Side Quests, Treasure Hunts & Contracts Guides

Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone Side Quest Guide
The latest DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes filled to the brim with exciting quests and new content. Check out our Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone Side Quests, Treasure Hunts & Contracts Guides for details on all the side quests in the Hearts of Stone expansion, including rewards, guide details and more. In an effort to avoid spoilers we won’t dive deep into the main story quests but should there be a difficult section or boss battle, we’ll have your back.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone – Story Quest Guides

How To Kill The Prince Toad
This is the first real boss battle you encounter in the Hearts of Stone DLC. He’s in the sewers 3-4 stages in to the initial quest line. Finding the Prince Toad is easy enough so we won’t spoil the journey but the battle itself can be quite difficult, or at least lengthy.

The Prince Toad has several attacks. A lashing tongue attack that stretches directly in front. A sequence of projectiles that it fires from its mouth in sets of 3 and a similar attack that launches projectiles from its back. You’ll be dodging a lot during this battle, forget attempting to parry. The tongue is avoided by simply dodging left or right. The 3 set projectiles from its mouth, simply dodge left, right, left. And for the final attacks from its back, just dodge like crazy and stay as far back as possible.

Use your magic trap as often as you can, this slows the Prince Toad and lets you launch 2-3 heavy attacks before it jumps away. When it jumps away it will pepper the ground with poison spots, wait until these are dispersed before attempting to trap again. Rinse and repeat.

A Midnight Clear
It’s a pretty straight forward quest but there is a romance option here. If you want to know how to romance Shani, be sure to check our guide.
Open Sesame
As you progress through the main story you will eventually come across Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings, Open Sesame: The Safecracker and Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering. A series of quests that come together in an exciting heist. As with most of the main story quests it’s a pretty basic approach but as there are different options, and some clearly defined as better options, we’ve got it covered.

Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings – This is the easiest of the 3 tasks. Simply make a potion in your alchemy menu from the recipe you got during the conversation prior to the quest. If you lack any ingredients the Herbalist in the same area sells what you need. If you happen to be out of coin Wolfsbane is a purple plant that you can find in the Herbalists garden.

Follow the objective markers into town and eavesdrop on all the different guard conversations to find the location of the cook. The third guard conversation reveals that the cook can be found fishing on the Western pier. Wait for day and meet him there. You can either pay him 500 Coin or use your sign and get it for free. Bargain.

Open Sesame: Breaking And Entering – For this one you’ll want to recruit Eveline if you go by Ewald’s suggestions. I have not completed the quest with the other option but if you bring Eveline, she will retreat during the mission although it does not have a negative impact on your reward. Head to her objective marker, North West of Temerian Partisan Hideout. Once you get there ask to speak with her privately, then choose the “I’m all ears” option then choose to perform with them. Simply shoot the apples off the elves body and Eveline will join you.

Open Sesame: The Safecracker – The best option here, based on the fact one got caught and the other did not, is to recruit Casimir the Dwarf to join your cause. Head to the most Northern marker when on The Safecracker element of the quest, and you’ll come across a rather pissed off Dwarf atop his house surrounded by explosives. Make sure you use your sign as soon as you can, picking even a single choice before that will result in a large explosion and a lost Dwarf.

When you actually get to the Heist continue through following the main objective. From there it’s easy sailing, until the final choice. At the end when you’ve broken into the vault, you have a big decision to make – do you choose Horst of Ewald? Personally, I chose Ewald as I wasn’t a fan of the fatter brother after our previous encounter in the Auction House. Either way, I think either decision results in the death of Ewald’s brother but choosing Ewald and then asking for just the box means Ewald lives.

Whatsoever A Man Soweth
At the end of the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3 you’ll be faced with a riddle. The riddle itself is of little consequence but it can make the final chapter a little confusing. You are summoned to an unfamiliar area and given the objective to find the answer to the riddle and end Mirror’s game. There’s a few areas, just run through keeping an eye for red areas to progress. You can ignore the whole thing and just run through to the big house.

Once inside the house you see a mirror and drop down. You enter a large area with staircases and loads of mirrors. Break the first mirror and turn to your left, you’ll see another mirror in the distance. There’s a small water fountain directly behind this mirror. Use your Witcher Sense to locate some clues on the floor and then head to the back of the fountain. Use your sign to remove the rubble and you’ll release the water into the fountain, beating Mirror at his own game and completing the story arc of the DLC.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone – Secondary Quest Guides

Rose On A Red Field
Location: You obtain this quest during the main story arc after you meet with Olgierd

Details: Investigate Kluivert’s Murder

Guide: Head North West of quest start location to Bowdon. Use your Witcher Sense to locate the house with the Fisstech equipment inside. Check all the clues inside the house and remember to read the Warning Letter on the table. Then head outside the house and follow the footprints leading away from the window. Follow them until you find Kluivert’s remains. Then you need to find evidence on the man that fired the bolt. Head back North West towards the village and search near the fence on the edge of the field, you’ll locate more prints here.

Follow the horse prints until you reach a small shack surrounded by Knights. Dispatch of your enemies then check the small cart outside the house for a letter. Read the letter and then head to the objective marked. Once inside you’re faced with another large group of enemies, take them out. Return to Oxenfurt to collect your reward.

Reward: 200 Crowns, 174 Experience Points

The Drakenborg Redemption
Location: This quest can be found inside the cave of spiders to the West of Bowdon. Follow the road from Bowdon South West, until you reach the Abandoned Site, from there head North West to find the cave.

Details: Find the hidden chest

Guide: Loot the body inside and read the note. Head through to the final area of the cave and you’ll see the chest in the center of the cavern.

Reward: 456 Florens

Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price
Location: This quest can be found at the Runewright in the Upper Mill area. This is quite a popular feature for the DLC so we’ve got a quick guide on how to find the Runewright if you need more details.

Details: Complete this quest chain in order to unlock the Runewrights skills and abilities

Guide: It’s a pretty straightforward quest line but it’s a lengthy one. We’ve got a guide specifically for it so if you get stuck check out our Runewright Guide – Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price.

Reward: Runewright Store

Without A Trace
Location: This quest can be found on the Notice Board at Brunwich.

Details: Talk to the Herbalist.

Guide: Travel to the Herbalists house. You can use either the Novigrad Gate or Temerian Partisan Hideout fast travel locations. When you arrive speak with the Herbalist and he’ll ask you to track down your apprentice. Travel far to the North East to reach the objective, stay on the road when you approach the objective area and look for an abandoned cart by the roadside. Follow the Blood Trail north until you reach Erde. Speak with the old man and his wife for the next clues, then leave and return back to the Herbalist.

Reward: Coin

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone – Treasure Hunts Guides

From Ofiers Distant Shores
Location: This Treasure Hunt is located at the small shack North East of Bowdon, the same shack from the Rose on a Red Field quest. You need to search the treasure chest inside the hut to get the quest.

Details: You need to locate someone that can speak Ofieri

Guide: The person you seek can be found slightly East of Brunwich. Head to the Upper Mill and speak with the Merchant. After you speak with him you learn that he needs you to find 3 more similar items in order to craft some new gear. Head to the first objective marker, fast travel to Temerian Partisan Hideout. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ruins to the South West of your objective as there’s a Treasure Hunt quest there.

Once you arrive at the objective use your Witcher Sense to investigate the footprints, then head North West. Keep following the trail and eventually you’ll reach a concealed hatch. Head inside. There’s a group of 3 low level Bandits, easy enough to take out. Then search the chest underneath the platform for another untranslated Armor diagram. Exit and head North West to the next Bandit Camp, similar thing here. Kill the Bandits, loot the chest.

Continue to the final Bandit Camp. This one’s a little bigger but same process applies. The chest is inside a tent on the Eastern edge of the camp. Return to the Upper Mill and speak with the Merchant. He will agree to craft you duplicates of the recipes but will require a day. Meditate for 24 hours and he’ll have your reward.

Reward: Recipes for Ofieri Sharovary, Ofieri Gauntlets, Ofieri Scale Armor, Ofieri Boots

The Royal Air Force
Location: This Treasure Hunt can be found at some ruins North East of Temerian Partisan Hideout, just South West of the area for the From Ofiers Distant Shores quest.

Details: Loot the corpse and read the book.

Guide: The treasure chest can be found in the South East corner of the ruins. You need to head to the objective marker and go to the exterior of the ruins. Now for some hardcore parkour. Keep climbing the ruins, leaping the broken stairs and climbing to the next floor, until you reach the very top.

Reward: Diagrams, Runes, Relic Armor (New Moon Trousers)