Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest Guide
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is home to a bunch of side activities and quests that you can complete for extra money and experience. Some of the side quests are simple to complete while others are much harder to get done. Check out this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest Guide and complete them all.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest Guide

Argentum Trade Guild Side Quests

Cargo Escort
You can find her on the base level of the Trade Guild after you do a couple of the main story objectives. She needs help killing some Krabbles near her cargo so she can sell it off. They are only level two and three so this will be a simple fight, head to the marker and finish them off.

Hide And Seek
I kind of thought this one might be hard but with the markers it was easy. Go to all the markers and find all the kids, one is hiding in a barrel but it doesn’t matter since the marker leads you right to him. When all the kids are found, go back to where you got the quest and get your reward.

In the Open Sky
This quest can be found on the very top deck, when you are on the story quest to take a boat to the new area. You need to prepare a ton of food items for the NPC. You can buy them all at nearby shops so it’s simple enough. You then need to head to Gormott Province. Skip Travel to the Forgotten Waste on the Lower Level. When you arrive you will need to kill two level 25 enemies. You can only Skip Travel here when the tide is low. Travel to Torigoth and go to the Torigoth Base Entrance. Down near the Cloud Sea, you will find the NPC landed on a large branch. After speaking with him he will ask you to obtain 2x Fancy Bolts, 3x Crimson Gear and 3x Mille-Fueille Rock. I already had all the items, I believe they come from Salvage Locations in Argentum and Garmot. Head back to the Flight Deck to complete the mission.

Fame And Family
This one can be found near the bar on the upper levels. Speak with NPC there. You need to create some items at the nearby bar, make them all and return. He will then ask for Rhinon Tail’s from Uraya and Skwaror Rib-Eye Steak from Gormott. The Rhinon Tails are from Kingdom of Yraya – Stomach and the steak can be found on small enemies below the Dawnview Grotto Skip Travel point. Return the items to reach the next stage. He wants you to put up fliers in Central Exchange, Torigoth and Fonsa Myma. It’s easy enough, head to each location and interact with the notice boards. Return to Falala and you will get a new Merc Mission. On the Son’s Trail. You need to complete this mission to get information on the whereabouts of Falala’s son. Once you have the intel head to Fonsa Myma.

You’ll have to chase him a couple of times and finally, once caught, you will need Nopom Wisdom 2 and Keen Eye 2.

Gormott Province

Knocked Out Nopon
When you arrive in Gormott and make your way towards the first town you will run into a creature that is surrounded by enemies. Kill the enemies and talk to Tunini for your reward, this one is really hard to miss.

Fresh And Fruity
You get this inside Torigoth on the lower levels, you will most likely get it as you leave Tora’s house. Twaina needs you to collect some ingredients for her and then get her stove repaired for her. In return, you will get her recipe and some EXP. Fresh mint can be gotten by scavenging in the area or by collection points near water. Hustle Hyacinth can be found on the edges of the lake to the North and North East of town. It’s a low drop rate so it may take a while.

The Case Of The Crane
This is a three-part quest and we wrote up a separate guide for it here.

Concerned Carpenter
Speak to the guy near the entrance of the town and he will be concerned that his son is missing. Go to the way point and he will be surronded by some of the ape enemies in the area that you have to kill. Defeat them and return to the carpenter for the second part of the quest which is to collect some Gormotti Walnuts. Head to the Waytree. You need either 30,000 Gold or 3x Muscle Branches to trade for the nuts. You can find the latter on tree Collection Points in this region – although they are rare.

Paying It Forward
This quest unlocks after you beat chapter 2. You need to go to Llysiau Greens and buy all the items in the store at least once. Leave the store and return to buy the deed and you will complete the quest and own the store. You can also buy Fishy Fishy back at the trade guild as well.

A Young Man’s Prize – In Torigoth during Chapter 3 you can find a kid who asks for help finding a beetle. He is in a fight with his friend and whoever catches the beetle first wins. The thing is, his friend sent an adult to catch a beetle so this kid is recruiting you. The beetle can only be found in the morning, near the Dawnview Grotto skip travel point. The cloud Sea must be at high tide for you to get this as well. You have to jump into the cloud sea, which you can swim in, and then just walk up the branch to find the beetle. Return to the kid and speak to him twice to complete the quest. The beetle only appears at 5am.

Star-Crossed Lovers
You’ll find this quest on Melnath’s Shoulder. It’s in Gormott Province – Upper Level Left, a little North West of the Eastern most Salvage Point. Rhiannon and Norman are surrounded, take out the enemies and speak with them. You need to gather some items but I already had them all. They are flower related items. Head to Abble’s Fountain in Torigoth and speak with the Apothecary. While they prepare the medicine, go and speak with the parents, then return to grab the medicine. Hand it back to the couple. I chose not to tell her about her parents, and that seemed to work out fine.

Go For It Electra
This quest is in the heart of town in the market, you need the Electra Blade in your active party to start the quest. Once the quest begins Electra starts to run. Track her down a few times and eventually, you’ll catch up with her. This is a long, ongoing quest. We’ll update it with more information as we progress.

Tranquility – You can only get this during the daytime, the quest giver disappears at night. It is found Torigoth during Chapter 4. I had all the ingredients she wanted right away so I can’t really help with finding them.

The Militia’s Request
This is another Torigoth quest that you get during chapter 4. You need to collect honey at first and once again I had more than enough to complete this part. If you need more honey go to Traveler’s Resting Tree Skip Travel point and follow the cliffs around to the left. There’s a small grove where you can find the honey a short way past the monkey enemies. After you hand over the honey you will unlock multiple sub-quests within this quest. After you complete all the subquests you can return to this quest giver to complete the quest.

A Small War
This is one of the subquests you get from the Militia’s Request quest. Talk to the kid near the salvage point and he will want a Morph orb. You have to do some Salvaging for this and the item is somewhat rare so you might have to dive a few times to get it. When you get the orb, return to the kid to complete this part of the quest.

Diplomatic Tensions
Another subquest of The Militia’s Request. This time you go to the enemy base and Gryff and his allies are being attacked. You have to fight two level 24 Drivers and once you beat them you beat the quest.

The Missing Order
The third subquest of the Militia’s Request. Talk to the woman in Torigoth and she will want you to go talk to the Nopon Trade that you likely have already visited for another side quest. Fast Travel to the Waytree in the area and head to the marker. Even with high tide you can swim around the tree and climb up it that way. Talk to the guy at the Nopon Trade camp and return to town and complete this quest.

No-Penny Nopon
The last Militia subquest here and you need to do some Mercenary work to complete it. You have to complete the Merc Mission Turf War Protection before you can get the noodle soup that you need to beat this quest. When the Mercs return, buy the soup and bring it to the quest giver to complete this part.

Buoy Can’t Swim
This quest is only available during low tide, in the morning. On the West edge of Coolley Lake. A young boy asks you to find a specific plant so he can learn to swim. The plants are marked on your map so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them. Return the plants to complete the quest.

Kingdom Of Uraya

Mysterious Note
You can find this quest at the very start of the Kingdom Of Uraya area. Head to the lower part as you move forward, into the Acid Gut. There’s an item here you can pick up that starts this quest. You need to Skip Travel to SoulCrown Summit. Jump into the shallow water below and you’ll see a cave with a stream of water running through it. Slide down and jump at the end to land on the platform with the chests. After you obtain the next head to the next area and speak with Erebos.

Would-Be Mercs
This is found in Garfont Village during Chapter 3. The main quest actually leads right to where you need to be to complete this mission so grab it while you are doing the main quest. If you get it later, fast travel to the Soulcrown Summit on the head map and jump into the water below. You can find some kids surrounded by enemies down there. Kill the enemies and go back to the town to complete the quest.

True Colors
This one is found in the next town in the area called Fonsa Myma. Real simple smash and grab operation here. You have to kill some crabs and get their shells for a painter. They don’t hit hard but they have a ton of HP and you can easily pull other enemies in the area if you aren’t careful. I had to kill about six of them to get the four shells needed to complete the mission.

Gotta Start Somewhere
This one is hidden in the Kingdom of Uraya and not in a town. Your best bet is to warp to the Yurna The Elderwood in the Stomach area of the Kingdom of Uraya. You can find some people surrounded by enemies that need help.

Gotta Start Somewhere

The first part of this quest is simple, kill the enemies and talk to the people. They are missing a friend who is up the mountain a bit. Go to the waypoint and you can see four lizard people surrounded a little creature, that is the guy you need to save. Be sure to SPEAK with the downed creature before you leave or else you have to come back and kill the enemies again. Complete his objective and then return to beat the quest.

The Titan Scholar
This opens up during Chapter 4 in Fonsa Myma, you can find it at the dock during the day. A little dude is looking to find out what happened to his mentor and he is asking you to help find him. Warp to the Stomach area and to the Eight-Rock skip. Look along the cliffside towards the way point and there is a small cave that you can go into. Follow it up and you will find the scholar and get a fight. The Scholar will ask you to help him out by checking out an area he can’t get to. You can run there or warp there if you have already been to the location. If you haven’t been there, warp to the bottom level of the stomach, Yurna The Elderwood, and you can find it north against the cliff face. I say north even though there isn’t any direction, if you are looking at the skip travel map you are going up on the map, but do not climb up, the cave is on this level.

The fight here is pretty intense and even at level 30 you can easily be wiped out. When Nia can use her water special move be sure to use it. This will do damage and heal your team and the priority here is keeping everyone alive until you can widdle down the enemies. I started by killing the small ones first because they were weaker but I had to prioritize collecting potions whenever they were put out or else someone would die. It’s a long tense fight and you might have to come back to it if you aren’t equipped well enough or leveled up enough.

A Test Of Strength
You get this quest from the Mercenary HQ once you’ve reached maximum experience as a Level 2 Merc. You need to take down a group of enemies and then a very tough level 42 boss. I suggest a level 45+ party.

Empire Of Mor Ardain

Road To The Capital
You can get this right after you arrive in Mor Ardain. Talk to the little Merchant near the exit from the port and he will ask you to kill a few enemies up ahead of him. Do that and return to complete the quest.

We Meet Again
You can get this in Alba Cavanich near the Inn. The first part is really simple, just warp to Torigoth and go talk to the kids at the waypoint. Return to Alba Cavanich and the guard will tell you to head up to the hot spring at the top of the Inn. Go up there and you will stumble onto a murder scene and you get to help figure out what happened. Talk to everyone there and then examine the body, you need to find someone who knows everyone in Alba Cavanich before you can proceed.

The Nopon Murals
Speak with Alsideigh in the South East corner of Alba Cavanich. He will give you this quest. You must complete the Merc Group mission, Smuggle the Scholar. Once you’ve completed the Merc Group Mission, head to Garfont Village and speak with him there. He will ask you to inspect 3 Nopon Murals in the village. You will need some Leaping and Wind Mastery to get to them as they are high as well as a host of other Field Skills.

Ecological Survey
Interact with the notice board in the South West area of Alba Cavanich. You need to defeat Noog Vangs in the Thermal Exhaust Fork in Mor Ardain. Grab the items and then head to the palace to turn them in.

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