Yakuza Kiwami Funeral Of Fists Guide

akuza Kiwami Funeral Of Fists Guide
One of the early challenges in Yakuza Kiwami is getting through the funeral area undetected. It has a bit of a puzzle element to it and making it to the end can be a trick if you don’t know what you are doing. Check out this Yakuza Kiwami Funeral Of Fists Guide and finish it up with no trouble at all.

Yakuza Kiwami Funeral Of Fists Walkthrough

The first thing you have to do is sneak past the guards. They patrol so watch them a bit and then make your move. Stick to the right side because you have to take the path at the end to the right and follow it around. As long as you stay out of their vision and don’t move too fast you won’t get caught. At the end of the path, you will be told that only the staff can go beyond this point. Kazuma says he will need to find a mourning band in order to get past this point. First, you need to head up the stairs and then talk to the receptionist near the entrance to the building. Puke a fake name down and then tell him you are former Dojima family. Now enter the building and talk to the man near the stairs and he will say he dropped his band. Go back outside and go to the right, behind one of the tents for the band. He comes out and you lose the band, time to find a new way in.

Go back into the building and the man who lost his band will get fired. Now go back outside to where you first found the band and talk to the employee who just got fired. He will tell you he trashed the band and he will leave. Check the can behind the reception tent and inside you will find the band. Now go to the back gate and you will be let in, but not before you get into a fight. After that go through the gate and follow Shinji through the building. On your way upstairs talk to the weapon salesman and buy some health potions if you don’t have any, there is a boss in this chapter. You can equip a binding, the charm, and the belt if you want extra defenses for the fight. This boss fight can be annoying because he will regen his hp from time to time. To stop that, buy a few weapons and use your heat with the weapon on him to do some good damage.

Enter the room near Shinji and then check out all the pictures to trigger a cut scene. From here on out it will be a fight all the way to the boss. Use weapons in the area and be on the look out for health items on the floor, they are yellow and have a blueish glow to them. There will be a mini boss right before the main boss, try to keep all your inventory weapons until you get the Shimino or whatever his name is, the big bald guy. When you get to the boss it will be a battle of attrition without weapons. There are a couple of lamps you can use, but save those for heat attacks because they do a decent chunk of HP. Outside of that evade him and build up your heat by wailing into it. He does like to grab a lot so be ready to spam X to get out. When he glows pink that means he is starting to regen, pull out one of your weapons and use a heat move on him. To pull out a weapon just click up or right on the d-pad, depending on which stance you are in.

It is a grind but he will go down eventually. Check back soon for more Yakuza Kiwami Guides!

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