Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location Guide – Where To Find Them All

Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location Guide
If you’re searching for where to find all the MollyCool collectibles in Yooka-Laylee, you’ve come to the right place. This Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location Guide will tell you where to find all of the MollyCool collectible items scattered throughout the game as well as information on rewards.

Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location Guide – Video Guide

Yooka-Laylee MollyCool Location Guide – Text Guide

MollyCool Collectible Location 1
The first MollyCool collectible in Yooka-Laylee can be found on the TribalStack Tropics level. When you reach the snake merchant Trowzer you will need to purchase Sonar Shot for 30 Quills. Once you have the ability you can use it on the nearby Totem to make an invisible platform visible. Ride the platform to the top and then navigate the floating platforms out to the MollyCool. This transforms you into a plant that lets you solve a nearby puzzle for a Pagie.

MollyCool Collectible Location 2
The next MollyCool Collectible can be found on the Glitterglaze Glacier map. Once you reach Trowzer on the map explore the huge area behind him. There’s a puzzle here to repair a statue. To repair the statue you need to search the higher platforms for a bomb plant. You can also use this bomb plant on another of the nearby platforms that has a MollyCool trapped behind cracked rock.

MollyCool Collectible Location 3
The third MollyCool collectible can be found on the MoodyMaze Marsh map. Explore through the area until you come across the shopping trolley, he asks you to complete a quick switch puzzle that purifies the water below. Purify the water and then head down, you’ll see the MollyCool trapped inside an underwater pipe. Use the Buddy Bubble to walk on top and then destroy the mushrooms with a melee attack to open the way to collect it.

MollyCool Collectible Location 4
The next level you’ll need to search for another MollyCool collectible is the Capital Cashino. From the entrance take a right and then shortly after, a left. You’ll see the transformation laser in a room. Nearby is a slot machine that is in working order. You need to play the slot machine and make sure to match Yooka and Laylee’s faces three times.

MollyCool Collectible Location 5
The final MollyCool collectible can be found on the final book world, Galleon Galaxy. When you fly across to the first island after leaving the starting island fly to the very top of the tall, glowing pillar. The MollyCool is on the top.

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