Yooka-Laylee Moves & Abilities Guide

Yooka-Laylee Moves & Abilities Guide
Yooka and his buddy Laylee can learn a variety of moves and abilities that help you take down enemies, solve puzzles and explore various parts of the game world. This Yooka-Laylee Moves & Abilities Guide lists all of the abilities, what they cost to unlock and what uses they have both in combat and exploration.

Each of the moves and abilities in Yooka-Laylee listed below must be unlocked through speaking with Trowzer, the merchant snake. Each level has different abilities you can purchase and some are only available to pick up from the hub world.

Yooka-Laylee Moves & Abilities Guide

Sonar Shot
Sonar Shot costs 30 Quills to unlock and is available in the TribalStack Tropics. You use Triangle/Y to use this ability. It can be used on Totems to wake them up and reveal invisible platforms.

Slurp Shot
Another skill available in the TribalStack Tropics. The Slurp Shot allows you to use Circle/B to eat certain berry bushes. You can then press Square/X to fire the eaten berry as a projectile.

Buddy Slam
The final skill you can unlock in the TribalStack Tropics map. The Buddy Slam costs 30 Quills and can be activated by pressing jump and then L2/LT. This ability can be used to take down enemies and destroy obstacles directly beneath you. Try it on the 4 raised floor tiles near Trowzer.

Glide can be unlocked inside Hivory Towers once you have spoken with Trowzer inside TribalStack Tropics. You can use jump and then jump again to be able to glide.

Slurp State
Slurp State is available to purchase from Trowzer once you reach the Glitterglaze Glacier area. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. Once unlocked Slurp State lets you absorb the abilities of items you eat. This allows you to traverse slippery obstacles after eating honey, travel through cold areas etc.

Lizard Leap
This is another ability that you can unlock once you reach Glitterglaze Glacier. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. You can use Lizard Leap by holding L2/LT and pressing X/A.

Buddy Bubble
This ability is available for free in the hub after expanding Glitterglaze Glacier and speaking to Trowzer inside the archives. It allows you to walk underwater using R2/RT

Lizard Lash
The Lizard Lash ability is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Allows you to grapple specific objects with O/B and pull yourself up or over gaps.

Sonars Splosion
The Sonars Splosion is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Use L2/LT and Triangle/Y to launch a stunning AoE attack.

Camo Cloak
Using L2/LT and Circle/B will let you activate Camo Cloak – making Yooka and Laylee very difficult to detect for a short period of time. This skill is available after you get it free from Trowzer at the hub after completing MoodyMaze Marsh.

Reptile Rush
Reptile Rush is available to purchase in the Capital Cashino for 80 Quills. This ability lets you charge up your spin move for increased speed and distance off jumps. You can use R2/RT and Square/X to use it.

Flappy Flight
Flappy Flight is available free of charge once you’ve completed Capital Cashino and spoken to Trowzers back at the hub. Hold L2/LT and press Square/X

Sonar Shield
The final skill you can purchase from Trowzers. It costs 100 Quills and makes you invincible to all damage for a short period. Hold R2/RT and Triangle/Y to use.

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