You Vs Wild Choices And Consequences Guide

You Vs Wild Choices And Consequences Guide
You Vs Wild is a new Netflix show that you can make choices in. If you make the wrong choices, you will lose and have to start over. Check out this You Vs Wild choices and consequences guide to find out what path you want to take.

Operation Jungle Rescue Pt1

Grapple Hook Or Slingshot
Grapple Hook
This can be used to escape tricky spots or to get to higher group. There is a choice later to cross over a a ravine. If you bring the grapple hook, Bear will fall down and use the grapple to get out.

Use to shoot and scare predators or catch small game. If you take the river path, you can use it to scare away to crocodile in the water. You can also shoot the monkey off of the backpack.

Bushwhack Or Follower River
You send Bear to cut his way through the jungle. While he is cutting his way through he will hear a hiss. He will also run into a recent campsite, which he will assume is the doctors. No bug eating on this route.

Follow River
This path is quicker but more dangerous due to crocodiles. You will run into a croc on the river and a second choice will open up. If you have the slingshot you can try to scare the croc away. You get to see him eat bugs if you choose this route.

Monkey Sounds Or Climb Tree
Monkey Sounds
Do not make this pick without the Slingshot. Bear likes this idea, he thinks the monkeys are making that noise because of the doctor. You will learn about Howler monkeys if you make this choice and even see a couple. There is a monkey on a back pack in the jungle. The monkeys get away if you don’t have the slingshot and you lose.

Climb Tree
Bear will climb up the tree using his rope. As he starts climbing up the tree is will begin to downpour rain. He won’t be able to make it to the top, but he will see some smoke in the distance.

Sneak Or Scare
Bear will make an attempt to swim past the crocodile. He uses a reed to make a makeshift snorkel so he can swim underwater. Bear will get caught and actually wrestle with the croc, the baby croc. Pretty cool to watch. He also mentions that all the noise might have alerted other crocodiles. This does send Bear back towards the ocean though.

Bear will try to scare the crocodile in the water. It works and the croc will swim away, allowing Bear to keep going up river. You save time this way but, eventually you do have to Bushwhack. You get to see Bear eat bugs if you take this route.

Into Current Or Along Shore
Into The Current
Bear will attempt to swim back to shore this way, but he won’t make it. Never try to fight the current. You lose if you choose this option.

Along Shore
This is the right choice, Bear can get to land this way. He takes the jungle path from the start now.

Termites Or Grub
Bear will eat termites off a stick, not nearly as nasty as the Grub.

Bear will eat the grub and you get to watch, kind of nasty.

Cross Log Or Swing Vine
Cross Log
Bear will say that the log looks sturdy enough to cross. The log will snap and Bear will fall into the crevice below. If you have the grapple hook, he will use it now to climb back out. If you don’t have the grapple hook, you have to start over.

Swing Vine
Bear will find a vine and try to cross. He will make it across with no trouble, but I also didn’t have the grapple hook this time.

Operation Jungle Rescue Pt2

Rope Or Rappel
Bear will shimmy over the rope slowly and almost falls. He does end up losing his machete like this, not a good thing. Eventually he makes it across and keeps moving. You do however, get to see the poison dart frogs along this route.

Bear says that this is the safe thing to do. He makes it to the bottom with no problems doing this. This does take you off the cold chain route however.

Frog Spawn Or Spear Fish
Frog Spawn
You will fail eventually for choosing this one. Bear does not seem to like this one at all. If you like to see him eat nasty stuff, this is the choice for you. This will also make Bear sick later while he is trying to make his camp.

Bear is happy to hear that. He makes a spear with four points and starts going after the fish. He jumps in after a catfish and comes out with something completely different, but he gets to eat. He will eat it raw as well.

Sawgrass Or Mangrove Swamp
Bear has a couple of ideas to help deal with the Sawgrass. He uses a stick to push the grass back so he doesn’t get cut up. This route leads to some cat fur. Bear assumes that this means Jaguar.

Mangrove Swamp
You lose with this choice. Bear can make it through the swamp before the tide comes in. You get to see these bright crabs if you pick this route.

Mud Or Branches
Bear will cover himself in mud to cover his scent. After he is covered up, he crawls through the jungle hoping to avoid the big cat. Luckily for us though, we get to see the Jaguar on this route, even if it doesn’t find Bear.

Bear will make a sort of makeshift gillie suit with this choice. You don’t get to see a Jaguar this way but another, smaller, jungle cat.

Cave Or Tree
Bear says that a fire should be able to scare of beasts inside the cave. He also mentions that the jungle comes to life at night, and the trees are busy. The medicine survives and you survive the night.

You lose if you make this choice. He says that this is probably a good idea. First though you need to put the medicine in a cool place. It is much cooler beneath the soil, so he puts the meds there. Bear makes a bed in the tree and isn’t disturbed in the evening. The medicine however has been ransacked and you get to see a large snake.

Rope Or Rock
Bear likes the rope idea better then the rock one. It is slow going, but Bear makes it to the top with the medicine. He will bring it to the village and this episode is finished.

Bear is iffy about this one, but he gives it a shot anyways. The rocks are slippery and Bear falls almost right away. He doesn’t notice that the medicine is going down river while he is climbing. This will result in failure

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more.