Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Armor & Weapon Guide
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features an exciting mixture of rare armor and weapons and this guide will help you find them. This Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide will tell you the location of rare items that will help Link on his travels as well as screenshots showcasing the items special abilities and stats.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide – Armor

Warm Doublet
Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Armor & Weapon Guide Warm Doublet
The Warm Doublet is a chest piece of armor that provides 7 defense. It also provides Cold Resistance, making it much easier to reach the earlier shrines in the beginning area. You can get the Warm Doublet for completing the Old Man’s special recipe.
Climbers Bandanna
Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Armor & Weapon Guide Climbers Bandanna
The Climber’s Bandanna is a head piece of armor that provides 7 defense. It also increase climbing speed, making it a great item to reach those difficult high spots. You can find it inside a chest that is located within the Ree Dahee Shrine in Dueling Peaks. Check below for a screenshot of the Shrine’s location.

Ree Dahee Shrine

Climbing Boots
Climbing Boots
The Climbing Boots have 3 defense rating and boosts climbing speed. You can find them after finishing the Shrine Quest Secret Of The Cedars and uncovering the hidden Tahno O’ah Shrine.


Climbing Gear
Climbing Gear
The Climbing Gear armor piece increases defense by 3 and improves climbing speed.

Where To Find Climbing Gear
The final piece of the Climbing set can be found in the Chaas Qeta Shrine in a Major Test of Strength. It’s a challenging combat test so it’s not available as early as the other items in the set. I would highly suggest some good food and if you can, grab the Hylian Shield first.

Stealth Armor
Stealth Armor
This set has very low defense but adds Stealth Up effect on all pieces. It’s fantastic for gathering. So if you’re struggling to gather insects and lizards fast, this is perfect for you. You can purchase the entire set in Kakariko Village.
Zora Armor
Zora Armor
Zora’s Armor is given to you during the main story when you reach Zora’s Domain. After speaking with the king he will give you this piece of armor. It has 3 defense, increases swim speed and lets Link swim up waterfalls. Make sure to check out our armor set bonus guide for Zora set information.
Zora Helm
Zora Helm
Zora’s Helm offers 3 defense, increases swim speed and allows you to use Spin Attack while in the water. You can find a hint for its location during the Zora Stone Monument quest although you do not have to complete it to obtain the helmet.

Head to Toto Lake, North East of Zora’s Domain. There are some ruins under the water. Use Magnesis to scan under the surface and raise the chest to loot it for Zora’s Helm. Make sure to check out our armor set bonus guide for Zora set information.


Zora Greaves
Zora Greaves
The final piece in the Zora set. It has a defensive rating of 3 and increases swim speed. You obtain the item from a side quest in Zora’s Domain, it’s the Lynel Safari side quest. Make sure to check out our armor set bonus guide for Zora set information.

Champions Tunic
Champions Tunic
The Champions Tunic has 5 base defense. It also reveals an enemies life gauge when equipped. You get this from Impa at Kakariko Village after you find your first memory. Check out our memory location guide for more information.

Flamebreaker Armor
Breath Of The Wild Flamebreaker Armor

You can get the first part of this set about halfway up the trail towards Goron City. Talk to the human at the Goron Mine and he will ask or 10 Fireproof Lizards that can be found in the area. If you are having trouble we have a guide here to help out. The rest can be bought in Goron City for a hefty sum. This armor will make it so you can survive the harsh heat in the Edin area.

Hylian Shield
Zelda Breath Of The Wild How To Get Unbreakable Hylian Shield
The Hylian Shield has a massive amount of defense and cannot be broken. It’s very easy to get if you know where to look. Check out our guide on how to get the Hylian Shield.
Ancient Armor
Breath Of The Wild Ancient Gear
This can easily be missed if you don’t go to the second research lab in the game. Do the side quest that can be found in the research lab in Akkala and you will be able to buy this gear from the robot inside the lab. It isn’t cheap but it does reduce the damage Guardians do to you.
Desert Voe Armor Armor
Breath Of The Wild Desert Gear
The male Gerudo Gear is obtained in Tarrey Town after you bring the Gerudo woman there. She opens up a clothing shop and she will sell the gear to you for around 2500 Rupees. This has more defense then the female set and it can be upgraded.
Dark Link Gear
Where To Get The Dark Link Outfit In Zelda Breath Of The Wild
This outfit can be bought at Kilton, here is our guide if you need a hand finding it. Doesn’t offer much in the way of defense but it looks cool and any old school Zelda fan will want it in their outfit list. Sadly it CANNOT be upgraded.
Radiant Armor
Breath Of The Wild Radiant Armor
This set can be found in Gerudo Town, behind a locked door to a secret club. This is a side quest and here is our guide if you need help finding it. It can be upgraded but doesn’t offer much defense wise.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide – Weapons

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Armor & Weapon Guide Flameblade
The Flameblade is a very powerful sword that you can find early in your adventure. It boasts an attack of 24 and well, it’s fire. You can find it after a pretty steep climb at the location marked below in the screenshot:

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide Flameblade Location

Hickaly Woods is the rough area but you actually need to travel further South. Follow the stream until you see a small waterfall. That’s where you begin your climb.

Climb up to the area with the breakable rocks and use your bomb to enter a small cave. There are a bunch of chests with gems inside of them. There is also another rock you can break with a bomb and under that rock you will find the Flameblade.

The Thunderblade has an attack of 22 and attacks with thunder elemental damage. It can be found inside the Mezza Lo Shrine, which location is hidden until you complete the Shrine Quest The Crowned Beast.

Great Flameblade
Great Flameblade
A greatsword version of the Flameblade. It boasts an attack rating of 34 and deals fire damage. It can be found within the Shai Yota Shrine which is hidden from view until you complete the Master Of The Wind Shrine Quest.
Knights Bow
Knights Bow
One of the strongest bows you will find during your early travels through Hyrule. The Knight’s Bow has an attack of 26. You can find it inside the Soh Kofi Shrine, along the Zora River just North of the Lanayru Tower.
Where To Find Knights Bow

Lightscale Trident
Lightscale Trident
The Lightscale Trident boasts an attack rating of 22. While it is not unbreakable, you can repair it once it’s broken so you can always be sure to have at least one strong weapon in your inventory at all times. Speak to the tinkerer next to the item shop in Zora’s Domain, he will repair the Lightscale Trident for you.
The Ceremonial Trident
The Ceremonial Trident
The Ceremonial Trident boasts 14 attack rating and is another weapon that can be repaired. You can find it in Zora’s Domain under the West bridge, under the water. For more information check out our Ceremonial Trident guide.
Royal Broadsword
Royal Broadsword
The Royal Broadsword is a 2H sword that once belonged to the Hyrulean Royal Family. It boasts 36 attack and high durability. It’s a bit of a tough one. You need to complete the Shrine Quest Guardian Slideshow and then complete the nearby Shrine.
Great Frostblade
Great Frostblade
The Great Frostblade is a 2H version of the normal Frostblade. It has 30 attack damage and deals frost elemental damage. You can find it at the Shrine next to East Akkala Stable, far to the North East corner of the map.
Royal Claymore
Royal Claymore
Boasting a huge 52 attack rating, the Royal Claymore is a very powerful weapon to have in your arsenal, and it’s not too hard to get. You can find it atop Woodland Tower, which is the tower North East of Hyrule Castle, directly West of Eldin Tower. When you reach the top climb onto the skull and go to the very top.

Where To Get Royal Claymore

Sword Of The Six Sages
Breath Of The Wild Sword Of The Six Sages
I got this from the Ganon Amiibo so I don’t actually know if this drops in the game world, if I find a location I will update it.

Great Eagle Bow
Breath Of The Wild Great Eagle Bow
You will get this weapon for doing the Rito Dungeon and beating the boss inside. You can repair it at the Bowyer in Rito Village. Not the best bow damage wise but it does shot three arrows at the price of one.

Boulder Breaker
Breath Of The Wild Boulder Breaker
This is the weapon you get for beating the Goron dungeon up in Eldin. It is a massive two handed slab of rock that does a ton of damage. You can hold the attack button for a whirlwind attack that ruins a lot of the big enemies as well. Talk to the blacksmith in Goron Village to repair it if it breaks.

Scimitar Of The Seven
Breath Of The Wild Scimitar Of The Seven
The reward for beating the Gerudo Desert Dungeon. It is pretty powerful for a one handed blade and can be repaired by the guard who sits next to the leader of the Gerudo.

We’re updating this as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates to our Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rare Weapon & Armor Guide.

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  • Evan Long

    FROSTBLADE- down in gerudo valley, complete shrine quest to get ( read my comment on the Shrine quest page)

  • Evan Long

    WARM DOUBLET- can also be purchased from the clothing shop in Heteno if I remember right.

  • purphuros

    your “great flame blade location” please update you noobs. garunteed respawn in the labarynth

  • MrSuperbeast92

    Don’t foget the Royal Bow with 50Atk found in Zelda’s room, the Ancient Gear (arrows, swords, shields, chainsaw, armor pieces) forged at the observatory place near the labyrinth island, and the costumes produced by the various Link Amiibo.

    • AultinBarltino

      that bow’s actually a Royal Guard’s Bow. while it has great power, its durability is low.

  • Paige McNulty

    The Hylian Shield is breakable, mine broke after a while. But you can purchase another one for 3,000 Rupees.

    • PaperNay .

      Where can you get another one? x:

      • Paige McNulty

        You have to purchase a home in Hateno Village, then you do the Terry Town Quest and you’ll unlock the shop where you can buy it.

  • Ross Wilson

    The quilted doublet doesn’t provide 7 defense it provides four and your climbers bandana provides three making it a total of 7.

    • Jacob D Anderson

      That’s wrong too, it provides 1 defense, the hylian pants provide 3, and the bandanna provides 3, totaling 7.

      • Ross Wilson

        You are correct, I realized that once I posted it but was too busy playing the game to come and correct my mistake. I don’t get how people miss that it’s adding up the sum of all parts.

  • Jacob D Anderson

    Why the Knights Bow is on here in the Rare section is beyond me. It’s not that rare, I have 3 of them. You can get them from chests, enemies, etc. It’s not a unique weapon, it’s just another member of the “Knights” family of weapons and shields.