Zelda Breath Of The Wild Side Quest Guide

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Side Quest Guide
The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild has a bunch of side quests for you to take part in. Some are easy to find, while others are hidden throughout the vast world. Check out this Zelda Breath Of The Wild Side Quest Guide for help finding and completing all of them!

Breath Of The Wild West Necluda Side Quests

Misko The Great Bandit
You can get this from the two guys talking in the back of the Dueling Peaks Stable. Talk to them twice and they will sell you info on the hideout of the Bandit for 100 Rupees, don’t worry you’ll make that back. You can find the hide out at the Sword on the map here.

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Misko The Great Bandit Guide

Climb up the waterfall area until you reach some rocks you can blow up with a bomb. Inside the cave there you will find some chests with a bunch of gems you can sell inside. There is also a second rock you can break inside with the real treasure, Flameblade. Return to the two guys talking and they won’t believe you did it. You don’t get a reward from them but the quest will be complete and all the stuff in the cave is worth it anyways.

Wild Horses
You can get this from the guard outside of the stables. He will challenge you to bring back a newly tamed horse in under two minutes. Just go for the ones by the river to make this easy for yourself. Make sure you do it during the day, I did it at night the first time and the Skeletons scared my horses away. Return with the new horse for 50 Rupees.

The Priceless Maracas
You actually can’t miss this one, it is on the way to Kakariko Village. Hetsu will want you to get his Maracas back from the goblins that took them. Clear out the nearby camp and loot the chest for the quest item. Return to Hetsu and he will upgrade you inventory for a Korok seed. He will do this more once he returns to Korok forest so keep and eye out for those Korok Seeds.

Arrows Of Burning Heat
This one is from the Arrow shop in Kakariko Village. Talk to the shop owner and she will ask you to light the torches around the Goddess statue near Impa’s house. Accept and head down there with at least four arrows. Use the fire near the Statue to light your arrow and then light the for torches behind the Statue. Return to the shop owner for 20 rupees.

Flown The Coop
This one is from the Cucco Pen in Kakariko Village. Talk to Cado near there, he appears around 1 pm, and he will ask you to find his Cuccos that haven’t come home yet. There are 10 total and three are already in the pen so you need to find seven. One is at the entrance to the village, look over the fence to see him. Two is down below that right near the tiny bridge you can cross. Three is up the hill towards the shrine, sometimes it goes into the tall grass. Four is at the Goddess statue that you lit the torches at earlier. Five is inside the Plum Garden. Six is near the Carrot Field in the little stable there. And the last one is up on the roof of the Clothes shop right across from the pen.

The lady watching the Plum field doesn’t leave until 5 PM FYI. We also have a video if you need help finding them.

Kokos Kitchen
You can find this in Kakariko Village as well, at the cooking pot near the produce store. Koko will be there after 5 PM to cook dinner for her sister. She needs you to bring her a Swift carrot, which you can get at the Carrot Field by talking to the guy there. Return with the Carrot and she will give you some of what she cooks and you will complete the quest.

Cooking With Koko
Same as above but this time you need Goat Butter. I had to buy mine, it is in the Produce store.
Koko Cuisine
Cooking quest number three for Koko, Raw meat is needed this time. Go hunt some if you need it.
Playtime With Cottla
You need to find Cottla running around the village at about Noon to get this quest. You can choose to do Tag or Hide and Seek with her. If you play Hide and Seek with her she will hide behind Impa’s house. If you play tag with her you just have to catch her, the reward is Rock Salt for both of them.
By Fireflies Light
Somehow I missed this one for a long time, it is in Kakariko Village.

Breath Of The Wild By Fireflies Light

Go to this house at night and speak with the woman inside. She wants to see some Fireflies, which you can find around the village and up in the woods near here at night. Drop five of them next to her and she will get happy and reward you with 50 Rupees.

A Gift For My Beloved
This quest can be found near the Inn in Hateno Village. The guy there will say he wants to get a gift for the girl in the Inn but he doesn’t know what to get her. Go to the Inn and talk to the girl in there. You need to go to the side of the counter so she doesn’t just offer you a room. Return to Manny and tell him what Prima said, he will then ask for 10 Restless Crickets. I already had them but you can get them in the woods near here if you need them. You will get 100 Rupees for your trouble and the quest will be complete.

The Sheep Rustlers
Another Hateno Village quest. You can find this one up the path towards the Tech lab. There will be a girl with a who is talking about getting revenge. Turns out some of the goblins have been coming up from the shore to steal her sheep. Go down to the shore and on the cost you will find a small camp of goblins with one large goblin. Clear them out and return to the girl. You will know it’s the right camp because there are sheep there. You will get 10 Fresh Milk for the trouble.

Hylian Homeowner
In Hateno Village you can buy a house for 3000 Rupees and 30 Bundles of wood. After you buy it you can get some upgrades for the house as well.

We have a Home Upgrade Guide here if you want to know what all the Upgrades do.

From The Ground Up
From The Ground Up
After buying your house speak with one of the workers, Hudson. He will tell you that he’s being transferred to another place. It’s a long distance to the North in the Akkala Region – shown on the screenshot above. When you reach the location, Tarrey Town, you begin the process of rebuilding. The first part, he will request 10 bundles of wood. Next he will ask for a Goron but the name has to end with Son. Head to the Southern Mine at night and talk to Greyson there, he can normally be found at the cooking pot. He will head for Tarrey Town because he is sick of mining rocks.

Breath Of THe WIld Greyson Location

When you return the Gorons will sell ore and you will need 20 more Bundles of wood for the next house. He will then ask for a Gerudo who can fix up clothes. Head to the Kara Kara Bazaar and speak with Rhondson there, she will join up.

Breath Of The Wild Rhondson Location

Next he will ask for 30 Bundles of Wood to make another house. when you give him the 30 wood he will ask you to find a Merchant to set up a General store. The Merchant can be found int Rito Village, right near the Inn there.

Breath Of The Wild Fyson Location

Next he will ask for a Priest because he wants to get married to Rhondson. Of course before that he will need 50 Bundles of wood to complete the last house. You can find the priest in Zora’s Domain, he is in the back near the ponds. He will open up an Inn in town when he returns.

Breath Of The Wild Kapson Location

Lastly he will want his old boss to come see him get married. Reutrn to your house in Hateno Village and talk to them to get them to go to Tarrey Town. Return to Hudson afterwards and you will get your reward, three Diamonds. Of course the real reward is building a new town in Zelda for the first time ever.

Robbies Research
You get this in the Research Lab at the top of Hateno Village. When you talk to the girl she will tell you about her assistant Robbie and how he went off Akkala to study the Guardians. Getting to him isn’t easy so you might want to wait until you have more hearts to go. When you do get there he will need you to light the flame outside of his Lab. He marks the flame you need on the map, grab the torch from inside the lab and head over to it. You can’t run or jump with the flame so you have to do slow. There are other torches along the way but you don’t have to light them if you don’t want, I just used them to reset my torch when I cleared out enemies. When you return Robbie will let you use his machine to buy Guardian Gear. It isn’t cheap and the materials are hard to find but most of it is really strong.

Stranded On Eventide
Stranded On Eventide
Eventide is an island to the very South East corner of the map. You need to travel to the nearby Muwo Jeem Shrine up on the cliff and then use Glide to reach the island. It’s a long way and you will need at the very least 2.5 full bars of Stamina, so bring stamina food to use during flight. There are boats but I dread to think how long it would take to get there that way.

Once you land on the island you are stripped of all items and must complete a challenge using just your abilities and wits. I’ll update this with more information later as I was unable to complete the side quest at the first few attempts.

Breath Of The Wild West Lanayru Side Quests

Frog Catching
The Frog Catching Side Quest can be found in Zora’s Domain. There’s a small kid running around named Tumbo. Speak with him and he will ask you to give him five hot-footed frogs. You can find them all over, I already have most when I spoke with him. Check near the Shrine in Zora’s Domain, there’s a few hopping around there.

You get a Armoranth in exchange.

Luminous Stone Gathering
Luminous Stone Gathering
This is another quest in Zora’s Domain but it is not available until after you complete the story missions in that area. Speak with Ledo during the day, he’s tinkering with one of the archways at the location above. He asks you to find 10 Luminous Stones.

To find the Luminous Stones swim up Veiled Falls to the West and then travel North to Upland Zorana. You can find the Luminous Stones inside mining rocks. You get two Diamonds in return for completing the quest. You can also trade in 10 Luminous Stones for Diamonds in the future. Just speak with Ledo again.

The Giant Of Ralis Pond
The Giant Of Ralis Pond
Speak with Torfeau inside Zora’s Domain to get The Giant of Ralis Pond quest. You can find Ralis Pond just to the South West of Zora’s Domain, not hard to find. When you get there you need to kill Hinox. It’s not a difficult fight. Target his eye with arrows or throw your weapon at it to bring him down, do damage.

You get 100 Rupee’s for taking it down.

Lynel Safari
This is another Zora’s Domain quest. NEar the exit out of Zora’s Domain towards the Ploymus Mountains you will see a Zora named Laflat that has a side quest. She will ask you to climb the Ploymus Mountain and take a picture of the red maned Lynel at the top. All you have to do is get somewhat close and snap a picture, getting to close will most likely result in death. He is right at the top, near a bunch of Shock Arrows if you haven’t got them yet. When you get the picture, return to Laflat for the Zora Greaves that will help you with your swimming speed.

Zora Stone Monuments
Another quest inside Zora’s Domain, speak with Jiahto. He is near all the pools they sleep it, next to one of the Monument Stones. This is quite a lengthy quest with lots of images so we created a separate guide for it. Check out our Zora Stone Monuments guide.

Special Delivery
Special Delivery
The Special Delivery side quest can be found on the Bank of Wishes. South West of Zora’s Domain. A young girl will ask you to follow a love letter inside a case down the stream. As soon as you begin the quest she will toss the container into the river. You need to follow it all the way down the stream until it leaves Zora’s Domain and reaches Mercay Island. It will end up in a cove there near a tent.

It’s a long but easy side quest. Use bombs to blow up anything that blocks the container but be careful not to hit the container or you’ll have to start again. This is also a fantastic method of getting fish as letting the water push you down stream doesn’t take up any stamina. After speaking with the merchant that receives the letter travel back to Zora’s Domain and meet them in the town. You get 300 Rupees for completing the side quest.

A Wife Washed Away
Another quest you can find in Zora’s Domain. You get it from Fronk and he moves around a bit but he can normally be found here.

Breath Of The Wild A Wife Washed Away

Mei can be found way to the South of Hyule, in Lake Hylia. It’s the area South of the Great Plateau Tower, just East of where you start the game. She’s on a small island East of the Ya Naga Shrine. You get Staminoka Bass x5.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild A Wife Washed Away

Breath Of The Wild Eldin Side Quests

Fireproof Lizard Round Up
This can be found here on the map.

Breath Of The Wild Heat resistance Gear

You will have to collect 10 Fireproof lizards for the human in the area. He will then give you some Fireproof armor to make traveling in this area much easier. The lizards can be found on the rocks in the area, shoot them or use stealth armor to make this easier.

The Road to Respect
This quest is found in Goron City, near the blacksmith Rohan. Talk to Fugo and he will ask you to find the Igneo Talus at Darunia Lake.

Breath Of The Wild Akkala Side Quests

A Shady Customer
You can find this one at the East Akkala Stable.

Breath Of Wild A Shady Customer

Talk to the guard there and he will mention some guy pushing a cart late at night. You can find him at Skull Lake to the north west, on the left eye at night. He says something about opening a monster store and that he will see you again in a village at night. When I find him again I will update the guide with where he is.

Breath Of The Wild Korok Village Side Quests

The Korok Trials
After you try to pull the Master Sword out, you can start the Korok Trials. There are three trials to do in the area and all are sort of puzzleish. We have a Shrine Side Quest Guide here if you need help.
Riddles Of Hyrule
You can get this quest at the top of the Deku Tree. The Korok will ask you to bring him some items and place them down for him. The first item is an apple, the second is a Fortified Pumpkin you can buy in Kakariko, third is a Sunshroom which you can find in Eldin, fourth is a Voltfin Trout which I’m not 100% sure where I found but I had four, and the last one is a Hoof which you can sometimes get of killing Lynel. I found my Lynel up above Zora’s Domain, not a easy fight but if you can kill it you get 300 Rupees from this Korok.
A Freezing Rod
There is a Korok inside the tree who will ask you to bring him a Ice Rod, which you can get from the mages that float around. To the south there is the Crenal Hill which has one of each elemental rod in it, grab the ice one and return for your reward.
Legendary Rabbit Trial
This is from a little Korok roaming outside of the entrance to the Deku Tree. He wants you to take a picture of a Bluepee which is a little rabbit creature that glows in the dark. I found mine near the Great Fairy Fountain in Kakariko but I think they can be in any forest at night. Take a picture and then shoot it for extra Rupees. Your reward for turning the picture in is 100 Rupees.
Balloon Fight
You can find this quest at the Woodland Stable from the kid roaming around there. He will want you to make a barrel float. You need to use 3 Octo Balloons on the barrel to get it to float. You can get these from the enemies that shoot nuts at you and hide underground or underwater.

Breath Of The Wild Gerudo Desert Side Quests

Missing In Action
Missing In Action
This side quest can be found at Gerudo Canyon Stable. Speak with Sesami standing next to the cooking fire. He will ask you to find four of his friends. Head to the objective marker on the map and you’ll find the first of his friends behind poked by a en enemy on the edge of the wood structure. Clear the enemy and then speak with them to have them return home. The rest of his allies are in the general area but not marked on the map.

They are all on the wooden walkways that litter the cliffside in this area. Check below for exact locations.

Missing In Action 3

Missing In Action 1

Missing In Action 2

You get 300 Rupees for completing the quest.

Rushroom Rush
This can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable right outside of it. He will ask you for 50 Rushrooms, which can be found all over mountain sides. You can also buy four of them at a time in Korok Village. When you have 50, return to compelte the quest and for a Diamond. He will also buy Rushrooms at double their price as long as you have over 55 once you complete this quest.

You get 50 Rupees for completing the quest.

An Ice Guy
An Ice Guy
This quest can be found at the Kara Kara Bazaar, it’s along the main path that leads to Gerudo Town. Speak to Guy, he’s sitting atop a rock overlooking the oasis. He asks for a cooling elixir. Easy enough to make. Mix any insect that reads cooling in the description with a monster part.

You get 50 Rupees for completing the quest.

Tools Of The Trade
Tools Of The Trade
Speak with Isha outside of the accessory shop in Gerudo Town. She tells you that she’s run out of Flint and would like somebody to deliver 10 Flint to her.

Medicinal Molduga
Talk to the woman in the Barrack of Gerudo Town and she will ask for your help beating a large Tremors like enemy. You can find it west of Gerudo Town, you can see it shooting sand up where it is traveling. Get on one of the rocks near the beast and toss a bomb to lure it in. When it jumps up and eats the bomb, blow it up and that will cause it to fall so you can strike it. When it starts going wild you can shoot it with your bow from a rock and wait for it to calm down again. When it is calm, repeat the process and finish it off.

The Eighth Heroine
You can get this outside of the Gerudo Town from the guy running around in the sand, make sure you have your girl clothes on. He will talk about the Eighth Heroine and how he wants a picture of the statue. This is where you can find the Statue.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild The Eighth Heroine

Head there and make sure you take a picture, just getting there isn’t enough. Return to him with your female clothes on and talk to him for Sand Boots and to complete the quest.

The Secret Clubs Secret
This is in Gerudo Town, found right here.
Breath Of The Wild Where To Find Radiant Armor

You need to tell the woman at the door the password. The password is GSC diamond, it can be found at the bar in Gerudo Town. Listen through the window in the building on the opposite side of the Bar and some women will talk about it.

The Search For Barta
Another quest you can find in the Barracks of Gerudo Town. Talk to the woman in the middle area and she will ask about Barta. The other two will say she went to look for some Dragon Bones down south and then you will have the quest. You can find Barta here on the map, you will have to cross through a sand storm to get to her. Also make sure you bring a Hearty Durian to give her, pick one up in the Market in Gerudo Town if you don’t have one.

Breath Of The Wild The Search For Barta

After she goes home you can return for 100 Rupees.

Breath Of The Wild Lurelin Village Side Quests

Whats For Dinner
Speak to the woman at the hut near the entrance and she will ask you to help get her some cooking ingredients. She wants a Hearty Blueshell Snail and some Goat Butter. The Goat Butter can be bought back in Hateno Village and I found the snail at night near the Dock where the woman sells all the fish. You will get 50 Rupees for completing the quest and you also have a new recipe.

Take Back The Sea
Talk to the guy with a spear looking out at the ocean in Lurelin Village and he will talk about how the fishing spots are taken over. He wants you go to clear out Aris Beach and return to him.

Breath Of The Wild Take Back The Sea

Go there and clear out the little water fork full of enemies. You will know if they are all dead because you can open the chest.

A Gift Of Nightshade
You can find this quest at the heart shaped lake here on the map.

Breath Of The WIld A Gift Of Nightshade

You will need to give some Nightshade to a guy who is trying to get with a Gerudo chick. He is to scared so you have to bring it over to her yourself. I had over 50 so Nightshade isn’t that hard to find but if you don’t have any there is some around the Fairy Fountain near Kakariko.

Breath Of The Wild Rito Village Side Quests

Curry For What Ails You
This one is at the Rito Stable which is right outisde Rito Village. Talk to the man at the cooking point and he will ask for some Goron Spice to make Curry. You can get the spice in Goron City and he he will give you 50 Rupees in return.
Face The Frost Talus
This quest is from the guard that roams around on the path outside of Rito Village. He will tell you about a Tlus he wants you to take down in the snow area. Kill it and return for 100 Rupees.
The Apple Of My Eye
This is found near the Top Of Rito Village, from a human woman. Talk to her and she will ask for a Baked Apple. If you don’t have one, drop a apple and shoot it with a fire arrow to bake it. You will get 50 Rupees as your reward.
Find Kheel
This one is pretty simple, you get it from Rito Village from a bird near the Shrine. She will ask you to find her bird Kheel over at Warblers Nest. Just go over there and talk to Kheel and return for your reward.

We are doing this as we go so check back soon for updates.

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