Anna is an independent psychological thriller you can download for Windows, OS X and Linux. It looks like a typical adventure game, equipped with fully three dimensional graphics. Set in Italian Alps, the game takes place mostly in and around an old, abandoned sawmill located near the village of Champoluc. As a man continuously plagued by nightmares about this place, the player has to discover the secret of the sawmill haunted by the title Anna, a bizarre ghost. The plot is very unclear with the atmosphere extremely dark, quirky and unique. It is also ambiguous. You are never sure whether the sawmill actually exists, whether the main character is mentally sane and stable and whether it all is actually happening. The story is really based on true, old legends that the developers heard from the real life village’s inhabitants.

Anna is a point’n’click type of adventure game in which we see everything from first person perspective. Thus, the game is mostly about exploration and solving various puzzles. We can interact with the items found around the sawmill, collecting them or using in order to advance. The puzzles are quite demanding, but never too much so. We can say that Dreampainters were able to find a perfect balance. The puzzles often have something to do with disturbing symbols and ritual, which helps make the atmosphere even more unsettling. We can visit four major locations, all of them meant to be scary and changing with the advancement of the story. The gameplay itself is quite short, but it is recompensed by the possibility of getting three different endings depending on our choices made thorough the game.

Anna received very mixed reception, with Metacritic average of 55/100 and criticized for unnecessary complexity. However, in 2013 and Extended Edition was published. It fixed many bugs and added many new features like locations, puzzles, music pieces and, most importantly, an all new character.

  • Developer: Dreampainters
  • Publisher: Kalypso Media
  • Genre: Psychological horror
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

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Anna Guide: How To Enter The Sawmill

This Anna Guide: How To Enter The Sawmill article will walk you through the very beginning of the game so that you’re able to leave the sun-kissed trees behind and enter the real darkness that is Anna

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Anna Review

Anna Review – An Indie Gem

The debut title for the Italian development team over at Dreampainter Studios, Anna is a horror/adventure title that is sure to impress with the indie title price of $9.99 on Steam

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