Darkness 2

Darkness 2

The Darkness II continues one of the best games of 2007. The extremely violent shooter was produced by the studio Digital Extremes, creators of Dark Sectors and codevelopers of BioShock 2. The Darkness’s script was written by Paul Jenkins, a famous comic author of works like Hellblazer and Spider-Man. In this instalment the main hero is Jackie Estacado yet again. He is still haunted by old nightmares and memories and the power hidden inside him that doesn’t let him normally live. He is the godfather of Franchetti family, but he simply cannot live up to the role. An attack unleashed at Jackie and his family initiates an enormous conflict between various gangs. And everything suggests that it’s not just a typical gangster war.

Everything might be steered by the Brotherood, a mysterious organization led by powerful Victor Volante. The Brotherhood wants specifically Jackie Estacado: they want to get his power of Darkness for themselves. The gameplay hasn’t changed much between the instalments. Jackie fights his enemies using various kinds of weapons like rifles and pistols. That isn’t all, though. He is also able to use his unique powers of Darkness like long, demonic arms. His tentacles can serve for various things: one of them is sharp enough to cut through objects and enemies and the second one can grip, catching things. That all creates the system of quad wielding.

In some moments Jackie can use up to four limbs at the same time! Estacado can also collect Darkness by killing enemies in effective manners and tearing their hearts out. He uses it to develop various skills. The games graphics have been critically acclaimed as extremely appropriate for the overall atmosphere. Multiplayer modes, however, have not lived up to the expectations. The campaign is also believed to be too short and the AI, unsatisfactory.

  • Developer: From Software
  • Publisher: From Software, Namco Bandai Games
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,Microsoft Windows

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Darkness 2 Guides

The Darkness 2 Victor Boss Guide

Using the swarm skill is a good idea to save for Victor. He will be stuck in one spot and you can just unload your clips on him. You should have him beat after a few waves of his men

Darkness 2 Walkthrough Guide Collection

This Darkness 2 Walkthrough Guide Collection will list all of our available guides in one place. The Darkness 2 features a number of difficult boss fights

The Darkness 2 Mr. Peevish Boss Guide

Mr. Peevish is Victor’s right hand man and the boss you will face after The Darkness is taken from you. Be prepared because you won’t have the powers of The Darkness

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Darkness 2 Review

Way Back When: The Darkness II Review

The Darkness II is an absolute blast while it lasts, combining a story that’s engaging from beginning to end with combat that’s fun and rewards stylish execution. Losing gameplay elements in the sequel seems like a series shooting itself in the foot, but trimming the fat makes The Darkness II a leaner, meaner creature

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Darkness 2 Screenshots & Gallery

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