Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2
Darksiders II by THQ, the famous studio gone bankrupt, is a continuation of praised original Darksiders. It greatly balances elements of action and role playing games, with everything seen from third person perspective. The story is still all about Apocalypse. We can experience it as one of the four dark riders forecast by apostle John: Death. The protagonist begins his adventure in the nether world. There he tries to find out how he could help War, another rider who did things he should not have done in the first installment. Death is more nimble and faster than War, so his fighting style is different than the one we could experience in Darksider.

The hero is always accompanied by his faithful horse and crow. The areas we can visit and explore are much bigger now than they used to be. We can find ourselves in very differentiated places like old, upsetting ruins, glaciers, demonic caves or forests. The world is four times bigger than in Darksiders and each instance contains as many dungeons as the whole first installment had. Death is not quite like War was: he’s more like Ezio or Prince of Persia, jumping and running, overcoming obstacles in an acrobatic way. The quests he needs to complete can be divided into main and side quests, with the former needed for the story to advance, and the latter enabling Death to discover hidden locations and obtain rare artifacts. Some places can only be reached when the character has come into possession of a certain skill like for example the ability to activate portals. Death has to fight both traditional enemies and logical puzzles. Paradoxically, sometime it is the enemy that requires the most thinking. Thanks to the RPG value, there is a lot of strategic thinking included into deciding on your skills and weapons of choice. The graphics have improved noticeably in comparison to the first part. Jesper Kyd, a famous composer, created music for the game, ensuring of its withstanding quality.

  • Developer: Vigil Games
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U

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Darksiders 2 Guides

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The side quests dry out a bit once you’ve left The Forge Lands, but there’s one side quest in Earth that’s quite the task

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Darksiders 2 Review

Darksiders 2 Review

After reading a number of reviews on the original Darksiders I decided to try to avoid it as much as possible. Alas, one of my friends picked it up which resulted in me watching a few hours of game play. To say I was surprised to hear of a second would be an understatement. Granted, there was hundreds of ways they could improve on the original, but I didn’t think it would generate any interest after such a lackluster introduction to the series. However, after several hours in Darksiders 2, it was clear I couldn’t have been more mistaken

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