Daylight is an action-adventure horror game. It was self-financed and self-produced by the Zombie Studios, an indie studio known mostly for Blacklight. We play as a woman and quite a helpless one. She wakes up one day in an old, abandoned mental hospital. The place has been taken over by ghosts and monsters and the player’s only task is to… survive. As the layout of rooms and corridors is randomly generated each time the game is initiated, every new gameplay is a brand new adventure for the taking. In the end, what we want to achieve is to find a way out of the building.

A single escape usually takes about thirty minutes, but thanks to the randomly generated levels, no one will stop at beating the game once. Only by beating it many times can one get to know the whole history. The maps, documents, recordings and generally clues strewn about the locations are also put in there in a random way. Thus, you can never be sure about the nature of events, not until you have beaten the game several times, all the time concentrating on what you find. The story is well-developed and interesting, but the player has to work hard to get to know it. The game is seen from first person perspective, there are no fighting sequences though. The heroine is physically weak and can’t get any weapons that could hurt her enemies.

The player needs to hide from the ghosts, trying to remain undetected, and when detected he gets, the only salvation is escape. Our heroine has a smartphone, though: it is her biggest ally on her quest, serving as a simple flashlight and playing out tracks recorded by dead people. The phone can help navigating, too. Daylight is one of the first games to have come out that use Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to it, the game is highly detailed and has a realistic light system which helps create the unique atmosphere.

  • Developer: Zombie Studios
  • Publisher: Atlus USA
  • Genre: Survival horror
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

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