Deep Down

Deep Down

Deep Down is a brand new franchise, Capcom’s first game created for PlayStation 4 and its new possibilities. The action RPG uses a new engine, Panta Rhei, which is supposed to deliver a new quality. In the game’s world, there are both fantasy and science fiction motives. The clock is set for 2094, but during the gameplay we will mostly travel into the future that lies even further ahead. The future is written down on mystical artefacts.

The player can visit it in order to look for treasure and fight monsters. Gameplay is meant for the cooperation mode which enables up to four people to play together. The players can choose among medieval character classes like knight, warrior, sorcerer, in order to go down into a randomly generated dungeon. The dungeons are where the fun is supposed to begin: they are full of surprises like traps and scary monsters, but also invaluable rewards waiting there to be found. The characters are of course is possession of many various weapons, both those physical like swords or spears, and those magical, with spells and enchantments. They can also develop different skills that define how they are of use for the team. Actual fighting is quite similar to the system we can often use in typical hack’n’slash games.

Players can attack in various ways and also try to block the incoming attacks. All the activities can be combined into stronger ones. The enemies whom we are going to fight are randomly generated, both in terms of their looks (armor, colors) and their weapons and abilities. Deep Down is going to be deeply connected to social media. It will let us challenge other players or lend or borrow items. Panta Rhei is able to create a high quality look of the game and it supports many modern technologies having to do with light, tessellation or textures. Game is going to be free-to-play one, but there are of course some things you can buy for real money in order to make the game easier or fuller.

  • Developer: Capcom Online Games, SCE Japan Studio
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4

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