Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is the enhanced version of the award-winning isometric role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin, and features numerous enhancements, such as an expanded storyline, new gameplay options and updated graphics, as well as support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Enhanced Edition is free to all owners of Divinity: Original Sin on PC and Mac.

Being a prequel to Divine Divinity, Divinity: Original Sin features two heroes, male and female: a condemned warrior now imprisoned, and a mystic heroine given life once again. Together, the two are “Source Hunters”, members of an organization dedicated to hunting out a dangerous power known as “The Source” and the adepts who practice it, the “Sorcerers”. Starting off on what seems to be a routine murder investigation, the players end up uncovering a conspiracy with deep roots and deeper consequences.

Uniquely for an isometric RPG, Divinity: Original Sin allows for co-op play, in which two players can take on the roles of each of the two protagonists of the game, a mechanic that goes on to affect even dialogue decisions, allowing co-op partners to disagree in conversation. The game’s classless character creation allows for creating characters that are flexible and customizable. The game’s turn-based combat also makes for highly reactive combinations of spells, such as using a spell to cause rain, and then using lightning for extra damage.

The Enhanced Edition of the game features full voice overs for the game’s dialogue, new game modes, full controller support, split-screen co-op play, hours of new story content, a new ending, as well as more weapons, puzzles, enemies and loot, along with better balancing to seal it all off. The new Game Modes include the Explorer Mode for those who just want to explore the story; Classic Mode for old-school players, Tactician Mode for hardcore players with added difficulty and smarter enemies, and finally, Honor Mode, for ‘tactical geniuses’.

Finally, the game also packs modding tools, allowing players to further dig into the game and make their own content, increasing playability.

  • Developer: Larian Studios
  • Publisher: Larian Studios, Focus Home Interactive
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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