Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy is an extremely successful series of Japanese role playing games. It is famous for long, developed stories: the plot of Final Fantasy XIII was too big for one game to handle and that’s how Final Fantasy XIII-2 happened. It does not have its own characters or story, it’s a direct continuation of the story arc from Final Fantasy XIII. We meet the same characters over again. The main developers, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase, have also stayed the same.

The story begins after Lightning and her companions have saved Cocoon. Gran Pulse is beginning to be repopulated and the destroyed world decided to start rebuilding. Unfortunately, Lighting is pronounced dead with everyone believing it. The only person unsure whether it is true is Serah, Lightning’s sister. She, together with a certain time traveler, forms the most important duo in the game. The young heroine seems to recall a version of the story much different to that of the others. She is sure her sister is alive. Her version is confirmed by Noel, the time traveler who appears when the city of Neo Bodhum is attacked by monsters. His lack of knowledge about the events of Final Fantasy XIII lets the game explain some parts of the plot to new players. One of the most important objects in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Historia Crux, a mystical artifact that lets the characters travel in time. The mysterious phenomenon is formed by various portals, all of them interconnected and leading to different times and places.

The worst thing about Final Fantasy XIII was the lack of freedom. The game mostly consisted of boring, narrow corridors and identical quests full of grinding. With XIII-2, the developers did heed players’ advice. The locations are now much bigger, they at least give an illusion of freedom. Cities have become more developed and are full of citizens. There are many optional locations where we can get additional information on the universe or even an alternative ending.

  • Developer: Square Enix, tri-Ace
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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Latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 News

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released January

In a recent announcement Square Enix surprised fans with release information on the sequel to the highly unpopular FFXIII. Gamers have known the game was slated for release in Japan just before…

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Videos

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guides

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Graviton Core Location Walkthrough

During the main quest line you will run into a problem. You will need to find invisible Graviton Cores in order to proceed. They are scattered all over the time lines so they can be hard to find

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Brain Blast Quiz Walkthrough

Once you get back to Academia in Final Fantasy 13-2 you can access a quiz game called Brain Blast. It is at the pink terminals on the map and is free to play

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Proto Fal’Cie Adam Walkthrough

The boss of Augusta Tower in Final Fantasy 13-2 is called Proto Fal’Cie Adam. It is a very large machine with two large arms that can also be brought down

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots & Gallery

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