Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V does not have to be introduced. Awaited by every gamer in the world since the very day the previous installment was published, it is both critically acclaimed and controversial: controversial enough for even the seniors to have heard its name. The next game from Rockstar North is located mainly in Los Santos, one of the major cities of the state of San Andreas, which is inspired by California. The city, the country it is in, the whole modern population get harshly criticized and made fun of in Rockstar work that possesses big comedic values. Well-known products, franchises and celebrities get ruthlessly bashed… And it is all really fun.

In Grand Theft Auto V there are as much as three main characters: much more than there ever was in the series. Michael, an ex bank robber serving as a witness in a court case, Trevor, mentally unstable aircraft pilot and Franklin, a typical ghetto boy who works for an Armenian dealer. They are all very different, each of them having a different background and social status and character traits. The plot is constructed so as to enable the player to be able to choose which character to play as at any given time by only one press of a button. Los Santos is big and interesting enough on its own, but we can also visit all the beautiful places located around it.

There are mountains to climb, deserts to cross, fields and valleys, military bases and even Los Santos’ coastline with its coral and underwater canyons. The enormous are is the biggest ever created by Rockstar North. In the city itself, everything is alive. We can be witnesses of thousands of ordinary lives. The car traffic is natural and depends on the hour we’re looking at it, and the general organization of the city life was based on detailed investigations conducted in California. As in every Grand Theft Auto, the player can engage in tens of funny minigames like playing sports, wrestling or doing yoga. Typical missions are very diversified and original, especially thanks to the three characters that let the game be even more varied. There are also many vehicles to enter, many weapons to fight with: Grand Theft Auto V is simply full of everything and cannot be properly described.

  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Xbox 360, Play Station 3

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Latest Grand Theft Auto V News

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Grand Theft Auto V Videos

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Grand Theft Auto V Guides

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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect combination of story-telling and excellent game mechanics but most importantly; it’s one hell of a time. If you’re waiting for payday, or have yet to pick it up, get it. You’ll never spend a better $60 in your life

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Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots & Gallery

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