L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is an adventure game whose production was supported by Rockstar Games, the legendary studio responsible for Grand Theft Auto. It is also the debut of the Australian Team Bondi: thanks to the mix of freshness and experience, it is a truly unique game based on interesting premises. L.A. Noire is a mix of a Mafia-like action game and a typical adventure game about detectives. As the title does suggest, the story revolves around Los Angeles set back in time into 1947. The city is full of drugs and corruption, with not one peaceful day.

In L.A. Noire we play as Cole Phelps. We can witness his whole career as a policeman, completing first missions as a member of the traffic patrol to continuously increase in ranks later on. Cole, a second world war veteran, is great at his job and quickly gets noticed by his superiors. We pass through the murder department and the one dedicated to preventing drug use, also taking part in events that have to do with Cole’s past in the marines. Over the course of the game, we undertake two main types of activities. We have to explore and investigate the crime scenes searching for evidence and other important items. Having done that, Cole needs to cross-examine witnesses and suspects.

Thanks to a modern technology used in the production of L.A. Noire, facial expressions of all the people Cole talks to are extremely natural in order for us to be able to deduce whether they are telling the truth. The conversations themselves are pretty complicated. The player has to carefully choose his attitude: some people will get scared if we push them too hard and some, on the other hand, won’t say a word until we do. Whether we have gathered all the possible evidence greatly affects the outcome of a cross-examination. In the game there are also some action parts: Cole has to chase suspects or fight bandits in the streets. He can also engage in many side quests.

  • Developer: Team Bondi
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Play Station 3 Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OnLive

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L.A. Noire Guides

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L.A. Noire Nicholson Electroplating Case Guide

The newest DLC in L.A. Noire is called Nicholson Electroplating. This guide will help you get the 5 star rating, answer all the questions correctly and find all the clues

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The next DLC case in L.A. Noire is called A Slip of the Tongue. This guide will help you find all the clues, answer all the questions correctly, and get the 5 star rating

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L.A. Noire Review

L.A. Noire Review

This is easily a game of the year contender and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took it home

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