Mad Max

Mad Max
Enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland in the official video game based on the Mad Max franchise, titled Mad Max. Players take on the role of the series’ titular hero, Max Rockatansky as he sets out to the Plains of Silence in search of fuel. Just then, he is attacked by a group of War Boys, led by Scabrous Scrotus, son of Immortan Joe and ruler of Gastown. The War Boys steal Max’s clothes, supplies, weapons and car, leaving Max alone in the baking wasteland sun. Max sets out to exact revenge on the raiders, while at the same trying to build the ultimate car of the wasteland: the Magnum Opus.

Mad Max puts a spin on the conventional action-adventure formula by introducing vehicular combat, which takes up about 60% of the campaign. As Max assembles the Magnum Opus, the player can add various modifications and enhancements to it by scavenging materials from the desert, hijacking enemies’ cars and collecting car parts. The Magnum Opus is fully customisable, allowing players to modify its chassis, wheels, body work, paint job, engine and more, with each change having an effect on the overall car. Of course, the player can add weapons like flamethrowers, mounted cannons, grappling hooks and more to the Magnum Opus, making it the most lethal vehicle in the wasteland.

Outside of his vehicle, Max can choose to engage enemies either stealthily or aggressively, although the game itself favors action over stealth. With ammo being scarce in the wasteland, Max is forced to mainly use melee weapons to engage his enemies, using boxing techniques and wrestling moves in a free-flow combat system similar to that of the Batman: Arkham series of games. The game features role-playing elements in the form of experience points that Max can earn over the course of the game to unlock new skills and upgrades.

Mad Max‘s wasteland features canyons, caves and deserts, with each region in the game featuring its own backstory, unique landmarks and ruins. Max can invade enemy forts and eliminate enemy convoys, lowering the threat level of the region and making the area easier to navigate. Each region also has its own boss, who can be defeated. Max can also take a hot-air balloon to the skies to look for new objectives and locations, and locking such activities as races or time trials. Resources are scarce in the wasteland, and apart from fuel, Max has to keep an eye out for food and water. Max can even consume maggots off of decomposing corpses to replenish his health.

  • Developer: Avalanche Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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