Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is the third installment of the Mass Effect series. Additionally, it’s your final chance to play as Commander Shepard, the legendary human soldier. This time, you’ll lead Shepard and his elite team into battle against the paramiltary group known as Cerberus and a dangerous race of machines: The Reapers. The Reapers are a synthetic-organic race of machines that culls the galaxy of all advanced life every 50,000 years. Once again, it’s time for the Reapers to rise.

Similar to Mass Effect 2, the you can carry over your previous save files from the first two Mass Effect games. The decisions you made in each playthrough combine to give each player a unique experience in the world of Mass Effect 3. To be more specific, over 1000 variables combine together to shape your individual story. For players new to the Mass Effect universe, don’t worry – you can choose an origin story that pulls together the major choices you would have made in the first two games.

Mass Effect 3 ushers in several new changes to the combat system. A brand new cover system allows for more precise offense and defense, while the ability to score instant melee kills gives you additional flexibility on the battlefield. Most importantly, the artificial intelligence has been greatly improved and is more responsive than ever before. You’ll also enjoy an expanded leveling system that allows you to distribute points among varying skill trees, further individualizing the gameplay experience.

Additionally, Mass Effect 3 allows you to choose from one of three pre-set campaign modes: RPG mode, story mode, and action mode. RPG mode represents the typical Mass Effect experience with a normal combat difficulty and player decisions. Story mode also allows for manual replies and decisions, but decreases combat difficulty. Finally, action mode minimizes the story aspects with automatic conversation replies.

Mass Effect 3 released for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on March 6th, 2012. For the latest news, reviews, guides and more, click the button below.

  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Publisher: Bioware
  • Genre: Action-RPG / Third-Person Shooter
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U

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Latest Mass Effect 3 News

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Release Info

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Release Info including new weapons, characters and map

Mass Effect 3 PSN Pre Order Available

Recently the Mass Effect 3 demo came out on PSN/XBLA. Now the full version of the game is available for pre-order on the PSN. The question is why should you pre-order it there instead of at a store?

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Mass Effect 3 Videos

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Mass Effect 3 Guides

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Manea, Cerberus Labs, Grissom Academy

Menae —- NOTE: The Cerberus Lab N7 Mission is now available. Make sure you’re suited and leveled up. Before you land, shoot the husks. Once you land, shoot more husks but keep moving…

Mass Effect 3 Beating The Reaper

On the Quarian homeworld you will have you face off with a Reaper. He is very large and can be hard to take down if you don’t know how. This boss guide will help you bring him down in no time

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Earth To Citadel

Mass Effect 3 is one of those games where it’s easy to miss something awesome, whether that’s a decent weapon hidden under a bench, or a vital quest towards your war assets. Follow this Mass…

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Mass Effect 3 Review

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Mass Effect 3 Screenshots & Gallery

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