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Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a beautifully animated Japanese role playing game set in a fantasy world. It was created by Level 5, a well-knows studio, authors of games like the newest Dragon Quests, and Ghibly, the most famous Japanese creator of animated movies. One of their movies was even awarded with an Oscar: that surely is a promise of withstanding graphic quality.

The game looks like a big, interactive animation. Thanks to how beautiful it looks and how moving the story is, one may forget that he is actually playing a game. The game was published on PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS. Both games begin in a similar way, but the story goes in a different direction and the outcomes are not the same. The main character is Olivier. The thirteen-year-old boy and his loving mother Allie lead a peaceful live in the City of Hotroit. One day, because of an unlucky accident Olivier falls into a river. He would have drown but for his mother, who barely manages to save the boy. No one knows why, but a few days later his mother dies because of an unexplainable disease.

Olivier is left alone, with only his teddy bear to serve him as a companion. Suddenly, when he cries, hugging the toy, it comes to life and invites him to visit a magical realm. In the mysterious world, every person from other universe has a second self with whom they are deeply connected. On the other side, Allie happens to be a mighty witch fighting an evil wizard called Jabo. Olivier suspects that his mother’s sudden death might have something to do with the battle taking place on the other side. He decides to set out on a journey to defeat the evil, hoping he might be able to bring his mother back. The gameplay is divided into two parts: battles and exploration. Typical fantasy locations are full of inns, stores, towns, NPCs and quests. We also meet many monsters with which we fight by a system that mixes turn based strategies with those played in real time.

  • Developer: Level-5, Studio Ghibli
  • Publisher: Level-5, Namco Bandai, Namco Bandai Europe
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3

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