Paper Mario Sticker Star

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Paper Mario Sticker Star serves as a tribute for the Paper Mario series which had its debut in times of Nintendo 64. In the newest instalment Mario has to save princess Peach yet again. The way he does it is pretty similar to what it was in the previous parts. Even though the game is published on Nintendo 3DS, a part of mechanics has remained from a console decades older.

In order to retrieve princess Peach, Mario will have to cross various differentiated and colorful locations overcoming challenging obstacles. The places he visits are inhabited by characters both good and evil, some friendly towards him and some visibly hostile. The levels use either two or three dimensions. There are big and open, there are many possibilities of leaving the main route in order to search for hidden coins, treasure and achievements. Just like in Epic Yarn and the other instalments of the Paper Mario series, the material from which the characters and the realm is created is an extremely important element of the gaming experience. In this game, the world is created almost exclusively from paper cut-outs.

The characters we meet along the way are just two dimensional pieces of paper. Mario collects special stickers which enable him to reach new locations as soon as he sticks them on the world map. They can also give Mario an advantage over his enemies in the battles he has to do. The fights themselves are fought in turns. The player and his enemies undertake actions variably. It is visible that the developers simply wanted the game to be as happy and colorful as possible. 3DS is the perfect console for this title. Thanks to the possibility of viewing the locations in three dimensions, we can see them as even prettier and equipped with more depth.

  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: RPG
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Videos

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guides

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Hp-up Heart Locations

Unlike previous Paper Mario games Sticker Star doesn’t have experience and levels. Instead you need to find Hp-Up hearts scattered throughout the game. This guide will help you find them as you play

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Megasparkle Goomba Boss Guide

The last boss for World 1 in Paper Mario sticker Star is Megasparkle. He is the king of the Goombas and he has one of the Royal Stickers. This guide will help you beat him when you face him next!

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Windmill Guide

World 1-4 in Paper Mario Sticker Star is a little tricky. You need to get the windmill moving but there is no wind. This guide will help you burn through the level with no trouble at all!

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Review

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Screenshots & Gallery

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