Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y

Probably everyone has heard about Pokemon at some point in their lives, either about the anime or about one of the tens of Japanese games about those creature. Pokemon X/Y for 3DS begins the series’ sixth generation. The world is the same it has always been. So is gameplay: the game is all about catching them all. As Pokemon trainers, we travel the world trying to find and catch even stronger creatures than we have at any given time. Having caught them, players train them in order to use them for battling other owners.

This edition of the cult series introduces seventy four new Pokemon including three brand new starting options: Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. There is also a whole new Pokemon type: Fairy. A new form of Evolution, Mega Evolution, lets us further evolve those Pokemon which would have remained unchanged in the previous instalments. As in the previous games, we have to explore various interesting location strewn about on a big area. This time it is the Kalos region based on France. The main goal of the game is defeating an evil organization called Team Flare while trying to challenge the Pokemon League Champion. We talk to other characters, trying to learn something from them or completing tasks they hire us for, and we fight.

The latter looks pretty much traditionally, we fight in turns, using our Pokemon’s attacks and techniques, sometimes having to make use of mixtures, pokeballs and other items. The main change and the most spectacular one is the graphics. This is the first Pokemon game realized in full three dimensions. It applies to the world we explore, characters’ models and battle animations. The new design let the developers fully use the potential of Ninendo 3DS’ three dimensional screen.

  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

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Latest Pokemon X & Y News

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Pokemon X & Y Videos

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Pokemon X & Y Guides

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Pokemon X & Y Review

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Pokemon X & Y Screenshots & Gallery

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