Prototype 2

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 continues a critically acclaimed action game from 2009. In the first instalment we were able to freely explore the island of Manhattan closed off from the rest of the world because of quarantine caused by a horrible virus infecting people and turning them into monsters. We could play as Alex Mercer, a powerful, dangerous mutant: one of the only people only partially affected by the virus.

Alex gained superpowers and the ability to transform his own body but stayed mentally sane. This time, we will not control him: we will have to catch him. In Prototype 2, we return to Manhattan as James Heller, a former soldier who believes his wife and child to have died because of Mercer. It was his fault that all Manhattan became infected. Fourteen months later, New York has been divided into three zones: infected, transitional and free of the virus’ influence. Heller explores the city, getting to know more and more about the infection and trying to get strong enough for a confrontation with Alex Mercer.

In Prototype 2 the plot flows better than it did in Prototype. Even the side missions are strongly connected to Heller’s main goal and let him find out more about mutations and the virus. Witnessing events caused by an organization called Blackwatch, we fall further into the intrigue. In the meantime, James gathers experience and exchanges it for new skills, attacks and combos. In the combat, what has changed are the controls. Now we have bigger control over what is happening on the battlefield. There are also many new monsters for us to come across, some of them very disturbing and surprising. The audiovisuals haven’t changed a lot since the original Prototype, but everything was made a bit better. The animations are visibly more realistic and spectacular, and the textures more detailed.

  • Developer: Radical Entertainment
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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Prototype 2 Videos

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Prototype 2 Guides

Prototype 2 Fulton Field Ops Locations

Fulton is the next area we will be covering in Prototype 2. There are 4 Field Ops in this area and beating all of them will get you an upgrade

Prototype 2 Fulton Black Box Locations

The next area we are covering in Prototype 2 is called Fulton. This are has five black boxes and getting them all gets you an upgrade. With this guide you can get them as you go

Prototype 2 Fairview Black Box Locations

The next area we are going through in Prototype 2 is called Fairview. This area has 4 Black Boxes and getting all four will get you an upgrade

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Prototype 2 Review

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Prototype 2 Screenshots & Gallery

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