Rhythm Thief & The The Emperor’s Treasure

Rhythm Thief & The The Emperor's Treasure

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure, known in Japan as Rhythm Thief R: Emperor Napoleon’s Legacy is an interesting adventure game for Nintendo 3DS which uses rhythm as its main principle. The game tells the story of Raphael, a young boy that has to investigate his father’s mysterious disappearance and Napoleon Bonaparte’s resurrection of unknown reasons.

Raphael leads a double life as an art thief called Phantom R. The game features an interesting, comedic yet complex story which tells us about French culture and history and is an amusing way to get to know a little about this country. In Story Mode, the player can explore various places in Paris and around it, solving puzzles and revealing hidden rhythm games and story branches. All the mini games use Nintendo 3DS’ special features like the touch screen, face buttons or gyroscopic controls.

Many games require the player to feel a certain rhythm and touch the screen or swipe along it in order to match it. The game generally is very musical, with records helping us solve the puzzles and interesting, additional samples to unlock. The game features multiplayer modes in which players can compete for the highest score. It is all done over the internet. Thanks to the Streetpass functionality, a player can challenge those passing by to beat his high score.

  • Developer: Sega, Xeen
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, iOS

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Rhythm Thief & The The Emperor’s Treasure Guides

Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Sound Locations

Throughout Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure you will be on the lookout for sounds. These sounds can be used at the shop to help create the greatest instrument ever. The sounds are normally…

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Rhythm Thief & The The Emperor’s Treasure Review

Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Review

Rhythm thief and the Emperor’s treasure is a fun little rhythm game that just came out and you may be iffy about it. This review will make it so you know all the facts you need to know before going in to buy it. Can Rhythm thief keep up with the beat or should you find a new dance partner?

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Rhythm Thief & The The Emperor’s Treasure Screenshots & Gallery

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