RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role playing game and an extremely successful one. Over the twelve years of its history, as much as two hundred twenty million accounts were created. The game is still supported by its creators with patches, fixes and additions. The current version is RuneScape 3, featuring better graphics, major changes in the gameplay and the support for mobile devices. It is a typical game of its genre. Its fantasy world is called Gielinor.

The players create their heroic avatars and travel through vast areas, towns and cities, fighting monsters, developing their skills and gathering more and more equipment, each piece better than the previous. RuneScape is very simple and cliché in terms of… everything. The world is so typical it hurts, so is music, graphics and controls: but people enjoy it, so why would that be bad. RuneScape is actually very easy to control and can be played on every browser. Now, being also compatible with mobile devices, the game is the perfect choice for a casual gamer. The game is also full of gags and jokes and is not as pompous as other MMORPGs.

If you were to begin you adventure in the world of RuneScape, you would be explained all the basics of the game. After a simple tutorial forming a part of your story, you are free to go wherever you like and do whatever you want. There are hundreds of activities to undertake, the world is full of quests, challenges and monsters. All the skills you can develop are divided into four categories among which they are such as combat and crafting. You can develop your magical skills, combat skills, the ability to mine for ore, fish, cook or craft. Basically: there are tens of ways of playing with everyone free to choose or create their own.

  • Developer: Jagex Games Studio
  • Publisher: Jagex Games Studio
  • Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Java, HTML5 (beta)

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